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Thread: A small amount of blood streaming through my wound vac.

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    A small amount of blood streaming through my wound vac.

    I just called my wound nurse and left her a message with no call back.

    Has anyone ever experienced this before? She just came by a couple of hours ago to dress it. It's not a lot but still...

    Do I need to go to the ER?

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    Is it 'streaming' still? If so, I'd turn the thing off until someone can see it.

    I say this because I once had a wound get so deep on my foot that it hit a bleeder and the blood was spouting UPWARDS from my foot!

    If it's just a tiny amount of blood in the container, I had that after surgery ... did she debride it before applying the wound vac dressing or something? Change the pressure?

    If concerned, turn off the suction.
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    I agree with Lynnifer. If it is blood tinged drainage (esp. if you have had a recent debridement surgery) it is not unusual, but if blood is pouring out in large amounts into the canister, stop it, remove the VAC dressing, and inspect the wound. If you can see active bleeding, apply pressure and get medical attention. A NPWT (negative pressure wound therapy) device can erode through an exposed blood vessel, and this is a contraindication for use.


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