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Thread: So .. how was your Xmas holiday?

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    So .. how was your Xmas holiday?

    It felt good to spend it with family (estranged brother) and be the host for once. I bought my brother a Nike fuel band (the diabetic) so I hope it helps keep him motivated! Gave him a police association hat as well from my work ...

    Gag gifts from him but one was a medal from 1937 that a great - possibly another great not sure - aunt won in a baseball championship. I know it doesn't sound like much ... but it comes from my mother's side and that means everything to me. Her side is mostly gone and the only history will come from my brothers and sister's memories. That's what happens when you have me at 41 and die at 65! LOL Two bottles of alcohol (he had to quit cold turkey ten years ago because of diabetes so they're dusty - that's funny).

    The strange one was a flashlight that works by friction and a magnet to power it ... you have to shake it like the 'shake-weight.' To be honest, it looks like I'm giving the flashlight a handjob. Kinda funny ... but I am ready for the zombie apocalypse with no batteries! Just need a crank radio now! (Have an interest in HAM or short wave... maybe I'll indulge in the future).

    The best thing is he decided to give me a table set and dresser that belonged to our mother's side of the family - since he hates our mother it always seemed ironic that he had a lot of furniture that belonged to her at the farmhouse. I would sit for hours on my bum by that dresser with all my crafts, colouring crayons, paper etc ... I have a lot of history with that dresser and I'll think of good memories every time I see it. Off to my bedroom it will go ... both are real wood, real old and therefore, well built. Can't wait to have those delivered ... as long as dad approves.

    I also learned a lot of history about mom's side. One great aunt was a professional escort though my brother called it 'lady of the night' (lol!) ... I remember a photo of her looking like a movie star and I've been asking my siblings where it is. She ended up in an asylum. Lots of drinkers I guess ... Scottish and Irish genes. What're ya gonna do? LOL I know she was the first woman to work at Union Gas though ... kind of a big deal. I would love to explore the history on mom's side. Lots of Torries left in Scotland. Anyway ...

    The only thing missing is a man to rub my back which leads to kissing my neck and fondling and other things and a slow, build-up of explosive tension busting .... well you get the picture, lol. Then a good night's sleep.

    Hopefully I'll get the sleep tonight in a tryptophan coma. Hope you had a fantastic Christmas! Merry ho ho!
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    my face hurts from laughing so much with my lil bros. but i never understood one day being special for family. every time i am with them is like a holiday. i am very grateful that we get along so well. the only thing missing was the eldest bro, but he is in texas. we just closed ourselves off in the bedroom and laughed and looked up extinct/endangered species on our smart phones(yes, we're all nerds) and talked and laughed. i showed them my parody of taylor swift's we're never ever ever getting back together titled "we're never ever ever ovulating together" and we sang it with one bro on the guitar lol

    my mom scared the shit out of me with one of her crazy presents: a porcelain court jester aka the creepy clown. i had anxiety already as she gets me the strangest gifts(one year it was vagisil??) and so i unwrapped it and saw it was some sort of doll. more fear. panic was setting in.(not another barbie like that one birthday...) i saw the words "porcelain court jester" and froze. she was all "you have to turn the box around!" and i said "no... i'm afraid..." so she turned it around for me and one look at the face resisting the urge to shove the thing away from me, i ducked my head under the table(dunno why, as it's glass) and covered my face as i laughed and cried at the same time as i shouted "noooo! creepy clown!!" in my already little girl sounding voice. my brothers were laughing hysterically, my mom looked ready to cry as she exclaimed "i thought you'd grown out of that!!!" her husband starts shouting about how ppl have strange fears and laughing at me. and then my 9yr old brother comes under the table and pats my arm and whispers in my ear "dont worry Teetee, i'm afraid of monsters too." and gives me a kiss.

    before i left my mom said she was glad that i came and i joked "despite my neuroses?" and she laughed. my lil bros told me the doll only cost $5 so not to worry about the cost but lol i dunno if i'll live that one down!
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    But how did your dinner turn out? Final menu?
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    For me, walking stands above all. So, since it was a weekday, that meant exercise all day. When walking, maybe I add some other things to the list.

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    Dinner turned out well and he said it was good.

    I sent him home with the majority of a 15lb fresh bird (will never buy frozen again). Stuffing (not homemade as I worked the day before and day after). Baked potato, squash, cauliflower casserole and fresh green beans. I forgot to cook some coined carrots but there was too much food for two anyway.

    I special ordered some diabetic cookies from a bakery so he got to enjoy a few of those. I made apps with Pillsbury pizza dough topped with chive & onion cream cheese, fresh broccoli bits, fresh tomato and black olives. I only use sea salt and fresh cracked peppercorns. I made gravy but it's hard to perfect turkey gravy.

    When David and I were together, I'd just buy the pre-stuffed Butterball breasts but the gravy would be fantastic from the spices in the stuffing.

    It was good!

    One of my New Year's resolutions is to buy local meat instead of buying it at the grocery.
    Roses are red. Tacos are enjoyable. Don't blame immigrants, because you're unemployable.

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    Remind me Lynnifer to send you my way of getting better turkey gravy then most recipes. It's part something Grandma taught me and a light bulb idea from me.

    I got exactly, I think, Nook I wanted. What the damned things don't tell you in their easy set up directions is you need to go to your computer and set up an account with them first. Can you say spam a coming? Once that is set up it actually quits recognizing your email addy and locking up because of course the NEW password was supposedly tied to an ongoing account. I'll be downloading tonight though. OTOH, we discovered we should have tested ALL the electronics we bought from the previous owner as the DVD machine wired through the den to the big flat screen in the greatroom likes to freeze up. So much for my saving The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel for Christmas. What we saw looked hysterical because Mrs Hip Replacement sounds exactly like my late MIL.
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    Ours was great, surrounded by family and friends. I made a HUGE meal of standing rib roast, potatoes, carrots, mushrooms, bread, apple pie and my mom brought red velvet cake. It was quite the feast.

    Chad spoiled me absolutely rotten with jewelry galore, ring, necklace, earrings and a bracelet!!!! Medium Boy got lots and LOTS of books, and Chad got a number of sweaters and a picture (e.g. coffee table type) book (which I hold up for him to see).

    Then we ended the holiday by seeing Les Mis last night, which was very good.

    A great holiday!
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    Christmas Day

    Of course, for wife and I it's all about having our daughter for the day. Maggie (wife) prepared and excellent meal--prime rib, roasted new potatoes, carrots cooked with ginger and butter and brown sugar, plus salad. Daughter, Selina, brought a made from scratch bread pudding. Everythinh was delicious

    Earlier we had friends over for drinks and gift exchange.

    All in all it was a wonderful day. The memories will last a long time.

    Life is GOOD!

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    X Eve was miserable and sad. Dave was sick and had to go to bed early, no aide and just felt empty.

    Xmas Day was happy with a fun white elephant exchange, good food and my family did most of the work. My hermit brother came into town and was good to see him.
    He collects odd junk and this is what he brought for the bird. It was pretty funny.

    Bracing myself for 2 days of in-laws.

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    It went smoothly and I felt well, so it was good in my eyes.

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