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Thread: What I got!

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    What I got!

    My boy woke me at 4am - but it was worth it - I managed to get him an electric scooter that he really wanted - saved all year for it!
    I got a Christmas present yesterday - I went to the VA for an evaluation for a new scooter & turns out it was sitting there waiting for me! I expected a $500 scooter lake the last one, but it's a Champion $2500 modle!!!!

    Now I'm not stuck in my house! (my old scooter got dropped off the carrier & deliberatly hit & moved out of the way by a truck - tore it up & bent the drive axle)

    Merry Christmas to all & to all a good roll!

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    That is a Merry Christmas indeed Coleen. Happy for you.
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    Awesome. Merry Christmas!!!

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    Oh, that's wonderful, Coleen!

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    Good for you, Coleen!

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    Merry Christmas!!!

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    So happy for you !!!!
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    That's awesome! Getting a new mobility item like a wheelchair, powerchair, or a scooter is always exciting. Have lots of fun with it.

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    That's great Coleen!

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