After being a complete paraplegic for three years. I am getting sensation in my feet, calves, and thighs!

How many times have your legs felt dead? How annoyed have you been by waiting for your legs to "wake up"?

Wait no further! I have tried and found true way to fix this annoying paralysis. It's very simple. First, from what I have learned this odd phenomena happens when the nerve channel has been "pinched off" long enough to prevent the flow of ions that relays the message to your brain (feel free to correct me if I am wrong). The tingling sensation is the eventual reestablishment of the ion transport that is indicative of normal nerve function. So how could one get the ions flowing again so you don't have to suffer the annoying and sometimes agonizing pain of being paralyzed? Easy, pump the nerve channel to promote the ion flow. For your foot it is real easy. Do the following next time during your rehabilitation. On the back of your calf where the two muscles comes together there is a "pressure point" that when pushed will pump those ions; this area is associated with the "sciatic nerve". It is easy to locate because it is very sensitive. I am sure there are others here who could give a much better description than myself.

Wiggle your toes. Give it a try!