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    Hand curling

    My husband is four months post accident incomplete central cord afflicted. Has mobility in left hand and range. Right hand and arm just started to come alive. In the past week the pinkie finger on the left hand is somewhat curled. What would make this happen all of a sudden?

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    Sounds like he may be developing some spasticity. What does his OT say?? His physiatrist??

    Is he doing ROM (range of motion) exercises on his hands and arms daily?


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    SCI-Nurse, his PT are clueless. He is in a sub-acute and scheduled somewhat to return home in a few weeks. He is on the minimum dose of baclofan (sp) and I wondered if he needs to up it? Thank you for responding so quickly.

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    You need to request an OT evaluation, and he needs to see and be followed by a physiatrist. It is unfortunate that he is in a subacute program which clearly does not have the expertise to manage a person with a SCI, much less provide rehab.

    Is he using night-time resting splints on his hands?

    Get appointments set up now for him as soon as he is released home. A contracture could develop in his hand if not properly managed within a few weeks.


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    I feel your urgency and def. will follow-up with the request for OT evaluation. He is currently recuperating from c-diff and on antibiotics. I am going to move to get him out of there asap as I too agree with the lack of expertise. He is getting Pt/Ot 7 days a week but not what I would consider SCI directed. Again, thank you.

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    Is he able to use/squeeze fairly soft compression about palm-size and just squeeze? They are soft enough he could use on hand that is working. Other hand with 1-finger may, may not work, but they are soft enough to try. That should be taking hand through a lot. What about wrist on each arm?

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    He is able to squeeze and reach against gravity to touch the top of his head with the left arm and hand; wrist is very good too. He brought it to my attention yesterday that for about a week his lil pinkie on the left hand is stiff and has a lot of trouble straightening out; said it also hurts a bit. He is doing a lot in physical therapy; squeezing, pulling, pushing, puzzles, origami and other things. This is something new and when he asked the pt she had no clue. I have asked my sister, who is the asst. director of nursing that when he is finished with C-Diff treatment that I want him home.

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