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Thread: Handcycle Flag

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    Handcycle Flag

    Does anyone know where I buy a handcycle safety flag online? Thanks

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    I just get them at the hardware store.

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    I'd try Bike-on, they have a lot of handcycle stuff and are really knowledgeable.

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    Here are a few places. (I like the one with the girl on it.)

    I hope this helps.
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    The rebel flag's cool!

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    I just buy ATV flags and they have a large selection like mine w/ the pirate face.
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    Thanks everyone you've been very helpful! I wanted to get a cool looking one it's for a guy friend, but all the ones I've seen were just plain solid colors.

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    These were made by a guy no longer in business, but my buddy and I found we had no problem with idiots telling us to get off the road with these flags on.

    Some place that other trikers like:
    Power on cycling
    Rocky Mountain Recumbents

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