I've seen 2 neurologists over the past year after my bi-lateral neuropathy (drop wrist in both hands, first the left, then 1 month later the right).

After going 2-3 times a month to doctors they finally did an hnpp test but it came back showing nothing wrong but the neurologist still said it was his opinion that it was a rare non-genetic form of hnpp.

Anyone ever heard of this?

It's just hard because he said this will probably never go away, and randomly every once and a while I will wake up with the ulnar or radial nerves damaged again from sleeping on them or even my legs from crossing them. He told me to never hold up a cell phone to my ear again.

And I can't even do pushups without the pain coming back for around 4-6 hours and I've never found anything to help with that kind of pain.

Without my hands and not really having any job skills, I feel like I'm going to be stuck with SSI living in rough parts of town the rest of my life.