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Thread: Saline Enemas?

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    I find if I take a 1 l soapsud enema, using a large tip I can hold it 10 to 15 min, then 2 tapwater enemas an hr or 2 apart once a wk I dont get backed up as bad. I used to use suppositories, laxative and a lot of different things, my college roommate got me on that. I avoidesd enemas because id had a few given on me when I was little. my rm is a cna, and it was surprisingly tolerable. I still wont usually do them on my own, but my PA ordered a home aid to come 1 or 2 times a week. I dont mind them at all now, and look forward to the light tx, rather than many large, uncomfortable ones at the clinic if I wait to long

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    We try and refrain from routine enemas and recommend only if you really need and have tried stool softener a, suppositories and enemeez. Same with laxatives .. Use as rescue! Because once you start using enemas you will continue to need. Fleets enemas. 4 is should be enough or plain tap water. CEOCEO

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