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Thread: Help me with this design /setup

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    Help me with this design /setup

    Hello all,
    Im T2 complete, good arm strength and good at transfers.
    I have a Quickie GTX (foldabe) with X-core Wheels.
    I LOVE X-cores for their look and want to keep them.

    Now Im in India and finding very hard to self propel outdoors.
    so want to add motors and joystick set up and make it electrical for outdoor use. and just by removing battery pack i can use it manually indoors and shopping malls.
    problem here is, with this kind of setup, wheels r to be left permanently attached to the chair. but i dont have enough room in my car.
    So want to know if there is anyway i can use this setup and have Detach able wheels.
    I heard that E-motions r not good with rains. i have excess spasticity, so not good going down steeps with e-motions
    E fix is good but as i mentioned i want to keep my Xcores.

    So any ideas how i could build that setup with Detachable Wheels.
    any alternative also welcome...
    Thank you

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    Although not Detachable Wheels, you may want to look into the yet to be released ZX1 Power Add-on. Here is one thread, but there are also others:

    The SmartDrive Power Assist Device from MAX Mobility may also be of interest:
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    I have tried e-motion wheels and did not like them, I think it's not a good solution for paras but it should be fine for quads.
    I was faster by manual pushing on flat ground and with e-motion the speed was not proportional to how hard I pushed. Also, if you switch them off, your chair is heavy to push like when you roll on thick carpet.

    SmartDrive is interesting but quite expensive, you could have a look at electric handbikes like the Firefly.
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    If you want good rough-terrain mobility without batteries, try MagicWheels combined with a FreeWheel.
    TiLite TR3
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    This is not power, but it might be of interest
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    This looks the same as Minotor/Light Drive

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big View Post
    This looks the same as Minotor/Light Drive
    yes, as far as i know its licensed tech, so probably rebadged by several different companies... i dont know anything about it, but it looks good

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    I had one 12 years ago but without the joystick, it was fine but I could not put it by myself even from the car, it had to be done by someone else.

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    WOW there r many different options.
    thanks for all the information.
    among all smartdrive is super cool but its expensive and not for wet surfaces.
    i will updated with wht i have adopted to.
    thanks again.

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