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Thread: Buy A Car (Paraplegic)

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    i have a saturn ion quad coupe. you can only get these used but they are well worth it! the suicide door really is great and i stow the chair in the backseat.
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    I have a VW GTI (Golf). Plenty of room and the doors are huge.

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    back in 1978, I looked at mostly two door cars since the door was longer and provided more space to load/unload
    but i went with vans in the long run since the process is easier

    good luck
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    If you can transfer on a horse you should be able to make it in the Jeep! I haven't thought the height to be the issue, it's getting the chair in then too. If you're going to get in the vehicle a lot through work/school you should try several and see what you can live with.

    I've had a lot of different cars over the years and they are all fairly the same for transfers to me. I have a 1999 Grand Prix now which has been an excellent car (220k miles), could be better for MPG if you make long trips. And I have a Corvette for a fun car, no problem with transfers.

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    I still drive my one ton Dodge crew cab work truck. I get in on the passenger side by sitting on the floor, which is the same hight as my chair. From there I take off the wheels and put them over my head on to the seat. Them with one hand on the seat and my elbow on the dash I pull myself up on to the seat. Then I put the wheels into the back seat and reach down and grab my chair and pull it up next to me. I have a cane to reach over to the door to close it. Piece of cake. And yes I live in Oregon as well, and you are supposed to go take a test with a hand control vehicle and if you pass, you get an R restriction on the back of your license. This is not a new drivers license test, it is only a test to prove that you can drive with hand controls. My small town DMV did not have this test, so you may have to drive to a bigger city. Just call the DMV and they will set you up with the test. Good luck my fellow Oregonian
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    Bought one of these in Apr. It's four door, but looks like a two door because the back door handles are flush with the body. It's fun to drive. It's a Sonic.

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    Considering, against all my criticisms over the years, buying a mini-van with no lift. I hate Chrysler with a passion but I like the stow-n-go idea. Plus a remote side door button.

    Not sure how that would work out? Price-wise it would work very well!

    I own a 2004 Saturn as well but parts are getting harder and harder to find (not that it needs repair often but it's 8yrs old now).

    My dream car is a British racing green Porsche with two white stripes down the middle .. anyone? Anyone? Christmas is coming ... my dream is Big Sur in that very car! I don't even have to be driving but I will handle the stick ... lol.
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    i have a 2007 monte carlo works out great
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    I've had a four door and 2 door cars. For me, a 2 door car works ways better.

    2011 Mustang GT. Great car, and converts well. Ford covers 1k for new car conversions.
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    Jeep I have, I have gotten into driver side. Just to see if could ge in. Never tried getting in. 1 thing I thought was with all of the velcro 1/2 door of everything, a vehicle like that should be easy to get in anywhere. Move velcro out of way load up/out and ready to go. It was a 2nd car toy.

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