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    Ergo seat

    I've been doing a lot of searching on here as I'm researching my new chair. It appears an ergo seat would be a good option to consider. Currently my chair is 16x16 with 19.5" fsh and 16" rsh.

    I understand I can have less dump and achieve the same seat angle with better comfort/posture? Is this right.

    I'm speccing my new chair with 18" depth as my current chair didn't have enough, so any info with regard to configuring ergo seating, along with opinions, would be appreciated.


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    To see whether or not I'd like an ergo seat, I made a wedge from plywood. It's heavy and ugly, but I like having an ergo seat. Factory ergos can prevent a few other options (e.g., hard seat pan, fold-down side guards).

    I had 3.5" dump (18-14.5). The ergo seat keeps my shoulder height roughly the same (for pushing efficiency), but provides better posture.

    Here's a post about how long it should be.

    And, if you wish to build your own ergo wedge, attached is a spreadsheet to help you get it level:
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    Thanks chasmengr, looks great. Hopefully that'll help me get an ergo seat. Obviously I can trial it as well using your wood design!

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