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Thread: Pressure Wound vs. Abscess?

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    Pressure Wound vs. Abscess?

    I just was released from a 13 month stay and a nursing home with a horrific pressure wound to my coccyx. Surgery number one with a surgery date of October 28 and it took 10 months for it to heal well enough with great care to prepare for a second surgery on August 17 with a Huge Success and I finally was back to independence along with move into a loving apartment.

    Last night, I woke up and I wasn't able to breathe so I was forced to call 911 and I was rushed to the hospital diagnosed with a mild case of pneumonia and a very small abscess wound on my buttock cheek. Not near any bony part of my back side. I am meeting with a surgeon and the hospitalist here at the hospital in the Phoenix area and this worry wart is worried that I am headed back to a nursing home for who knows how many times. Based on the face that I have just 45 days of independence with a caregiver's help 2-3 hours a day which, I am so, so, grateful for.

    To follow, are my questions:

    What is an abscess?
    What is the difference between an "abscess" and a "pressure wound"?
    Does an "abscess" heal more rapidly than a "pressure wound?"
    Has anyone ever mowed through the challenges involved with this type of wound?

    I know it is too early to tell is if I am headed back to a nursing home. It's very small but my mind is wide open to hear with the good with the bad. The clock is ticking...

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    Also a worry wart

    I've seen it both ways. An abscess in 2001, healed reasonably quickly. 6 weeks of down time, then progressive seating. It did have to be surgically debreeded twice. Clobbered with osteomyelitis in the pelvic area, they have taken nearly 9 month this year. Still not sure the abscesses are done, even though the wounds left from the surgery have conservatively closed. Good luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by michael5462 View Post
    ... I wasn't able to breathe so I was forced to call 911 and I was rushed to the hospital diagnosed with a mild case of pneumonia ...
    My entire body was very weak after all the antibiotics - oral and IV. I honestly thought I was going to die I felt so bad. I live in a 1000sqft condo but my ex used to have to push me from my bed across the place to the washroom I was shaking so bad (the last year that he agreed to stay and get me through my lil health crisis). My skin was breaking out in strange rashes and I would be hot/cold and couldn't breath while I had osteomyelitis (another time I had no symptoms so go figure). I just remember feeling very spent with very little left to give.

    Hopefully the abscess is drained and heals quickly, especially since it's not over a bony prominence.

    I don't have an answer to your question about how long, but get a complete bloodwork done. I assume you're like me - dehydrated, small red blood cells of poor quality and very low ferritin ... make certain (look for yourself and ask the technician separately from the doc) that you don't have osteomyelitis .. that they got it all. I can't advise vitamins/supplements enough!

    It just takes a few cells hiding in that dense bone material to start multiplying when you're weak. It took me FOREVER ... YEARS LITERALLY to get rid of that infection ... and I've lost my left ankle bone in the process.

    Hopefully it's good news. And guess what? Worry has an effect on your immune system too! So rest your head for the night and deal with it tomorrow ... I've literally had to 'schedule' time during the day when I can grieve, mourn, rage, whatever I need ... but the rest of the time I need to function. It got me through it ... maybe it will work for you too?

    P.S. Hi my name is Jenn ... and I'm a worrier too. Comes with this unknown territory I think. lol
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    An abscess is an infection- inlayman's terms- "a pocket of pus" . A pressure ulcer isn't necesarily infected.
    A pressure ulcer could have an abscess.

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