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Thread: $5-Million For Stem Cell Research..

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    I love the analogy of the church, the invitro clinic and the fire. Hope's description works well, too. To expand on that thought, how many consider the pill or other contraceptives their wives use as killing life,....... or the potential for life (based on timing/environment) ~ interesting where we choose to draw the line sometimes...

    It seems to me, that there is one group who can truly say they are dedicated to the preservation of the life of an embryo. I have the greatest admiration for the women and their families who by their faith choose to adopt embryo from fertility clinics, give birth, and raise the child. This is truly believing in the sanctity of the life of the embryo and living what you say you believe. How many of these remarkable folk are there in the world?

    How can anyone logically, rationally, realistically....suggest that they believe in the life of an embryo if they would not choose conception with "wasted" fertility clinic embryo as option for their own families?! What am I missing here?

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    Hi the Mom,
    I respect your personal feelings on this. I don't think the general public fully understands the entire issue.
    This is an exerpt from an article with some facts regarding the IVF clinics that Dr. Young posted the link to awhile back on another thread...

    Physicians at Loma Linda will only provide artificial reproduction assistance to married couples, create as few excess embryos as possible, and freeze for storage only embryos couples plan to use.
    Nevertheless, the Loma Linda clinic is artificially making embryos that never become babies.

    The United States today has 390 fertility clinics, according to the federal Centers for Disease Control. In 1998, the most recent year for which statistics are available, these clinics conducted about 81,000 "cycles", or attempts at artificially aided reproduction.(Usually this means joining a couple's sperm and egg "in-vitro", or in a lab dish; sometimes it means either a donor's egg or donor's sperm or both.) The 81,000 attempts made in 1998 resulted in about 20,000 live births. Rates of lab-assisted births are skyrocketing. Altogether, some 45,000 "test tube" babies have been born in the United States in the last two decades, with most of the births in the last few years. Fertility clinics, in short, are a booming business.

    There are no central statistics on discarded or unwanted embryos, but the numbers are thought to be high. It's estimated that for each "cycle," somewhere around five embryos end up either discarded immediately or frozen and discarded later. That would suggest some 400,000 embryos went unused in 1998 alone. Total embryos created and destroyed or discarded by the U.S. fertility clinic so far might exceed one million.

    Entire Article Here

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