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Thread: rigid frame titanium chair w/ spinergy wheels

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    rigid frame titanium chair w/ spinergy wheels 50874 is the sn you can get all kind of details i bought used so this might not all be there post any questions.
    i bought it and the back inst tall enough to put a back that will work for me. hoping to get it to someone who can use it. i was told to price at 1000 so its that or best offer you pay shipping but ill get a box. for my saftey anything i sell is as is and i claim no responsibility for how you use it.
    will email more pics

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    can include a roho enhancer used 3 times for 200 firm

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    850 does include a cushion just not the roho

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    What seat size and year?

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    Can you post photos please?
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    what angles do you want them from i have 2 links email me at for more

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