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Thread: Greek yogurt ?

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    112 sells all kinds of yogurt starters, including Greek and Bulgarian. Make your own from grass fed milk from Whole Foods and it's absolutely delicious. Lots of You Tube videos on making yogurt, and plenty of electric or non-electric yogurt makers on Amazon. Good luck.

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    Albertson's in the DFW has these:
    Greek Gods Greek Yogurt Traditional Plain
    Horizon Organic Organic Whole Milk Plain Yogurt
    Stonyfield Smooth & Creamy Whole Milk Plain Yogurt

    And, yes, Greek Gods is delicious. And, yes, that's what I've got in my refridgerator right now. I've been getting to do my own grocery shopping lately. Somehow, when anyone else did my shopping for me, they could never understand, "NOT zero fat. NOT low fat. I want full fat. I want yogurt from whole milk. And, if available, I want 'cream on top' (Stoneyfield). I'm NOT on a diet!" And yet, my dear friend brought me 2% fat yogurt, a package of 6, I think, all stuck together by their little plastic edges, with some fruity syrup in the bottom of each little cup, and their high sugar make up for 'no taste' in the yogurt. I, broken-hearted, pointed to the "2% fat", and asked if she and her family could use it, as I handed it back to her. She didn't know that "2%" is low fat.

    P.S. jck77, you are my inspiration! I will copy your post to my tablet.
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