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Thread: Greek yogurt ?

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    Greek yogurt ?

    Yogurt has not been a regular part of my diet but with all the raves about Greek yogurt I tried some. It was pretty good. Then I read that Geek yogurt made from whole milk is much creamer and richer tasting than the 0% stuff my wife brought home. I decided we should compare the two. However, we looked high and low for some made with whole milk and could not find any. Today we found some made from 2% at a recently opened World Foods supermarket. I have not tried it yet but does anybody actually make and sell whole milk Greek yogurt? Or are those of us without cholesterol and weight problems being discriminated against? lol
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    This stuff is so good. Full milk fat. I've seen it at Walmart.
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    fage makes a whole milk greek yogurt. i think their 25 is amazing. super thick and creamy. your spoon can stand in it lol. i've always preferred greek yogurt to other yogurts due to taste and texture. great with honey
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    Nancy's makes one too. Nancy's products are available at Whole Foods. If it isn't on the shelf, maybe they will order it for you.

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    Hands down; Fage yogurt is yummy!

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    i really wish stores sold authentic greek yogurt. it's made with goat's milk and is sooo much more tasty, imho
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    Generally, Greek yogurt has TWICE the protein content per volume of regular yogurt. Great for those trying to heal up skin problems.


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    Bug your store manager. The fat phobia has caused many stores to stop carrying full fat products, but they're out there.

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    Yes, the Greek Gods yogurt is great, Target carries it. We have had it every day these last 3 years instead of salad. I mix it up with blueberries or raspberries once a week. It's much easier to fix and for Jim to get to his mouth than lettuce salads.

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    I do not recall seeing the Nancy brand at our World Foods but my wife and I just about checked every container on the shelves. There were only 0% fat versions at our Kroger, Publix, BiLo, and Piggly Wiggly. I have not thought about Target. We do not normally get groceries there. And Walmart is on my boycott list. I guess I will talk to some of the store managers. At least I now know that it does exist. lol Hmmm. This has me wondering if the whole milk yogurt is totally sold out because it tastes so much better than the 0%.
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