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Thread: Scab over pressure sore ok?

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    Scab over pressure sore ok?

    I had a pressure on my left butt cheek (Stage I IIish) little over two months ago. During the time I was seeing the local VA clinic weekly for the first 4 weeks to check on it and it was healing nicely. So far it looks completely heal no discolored skin around the wound but the only thing left is this scab. Its been there for a month so far. It is about 1/2 coming off. Is this normal? I've had a pressure sore before in the same spot over a year ago but I didn't develop a scab. Should I see my doc or is everything find and to just leave it alone?

    Thanks in advance

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    It is normal. I used to fight them every year. The skin is healing under the scab. The scab acts as a protective shield for the wound. Don't pick it off and be careful it doesn't get caught on anything. It'll come off in time. Good Luck!
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    Just do not pick at it. It will fall of naturally in it's own time.
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