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Thread: Solid Back Suggestions

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    Solid Back Suggestions

    Last decision to make before sending everything through insurance. The back. I tend to sit very upright with a forward lean and some anterior pelvic tilt (my back has a little more concavity than most). My thought... well, really -scott-'s.... is to have a set up like an office chair. So, I am considering a solid backrest with some space under it for my butt to slide under a little, basically to mimic how I would sit in something like the photo below:

    I am looking for short backs so I can have space between the bottom of the cushion and the back. The maximum height (from bottom of cushion to top of back) I can tolerate is 13". My back canes are at 13" apart but I believe this can be adjusted if needed. My trunk is about 10" in width. Here's what I have come up with:

    Jay J3 12" width at 6.5" height
    Jay Zip at 12" width at 6" height (pediatric back)
    Varilite Icon 14" width at 7.25" height
    Varilite Talon 14" at 6.1 height (I think this is out since I believe it needs a rigidizer bar)

    Are there any other products that are short that I am missing (I think 10" height will be too high)? What are your opinions on these? I am trying to keep the overall chair as light as possible for easy transfer in and out of he car.

    Even though I am (hopefully) getting an ICON and the back angle is easily adjustable I am thinking I still need the adjustable hardware to keep the back at 90ish degrees. Am I thinking wrong about this?

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    Icon Back System

    Hi Essie-

    You're right, the Talon Back can only be mounted to a rigidizer bar.

    Many Icon Back users keep the angle at 90 degrees, but it's nice to have the adjustability in case you need it.

    Feel free to call our customer service line if you have any other questions. We can be reached at (800) 827-4548.

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    i'm in the same boat as you. i've about got everything else figured out except the back.

    i kinda like the varilite icon. i just can't decide on the low or mid.

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    I have the 7.25 high varilite icon back and from the bottom of my cushion to the top of the back is 14". I use a high profile roho cushion. I can take a picture tomorrow to show how much of a gap I have under mine. I like the backrest and my only complaint was how far the hardware stuck out so heres what I did to mine...
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