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This is the computers forum, but I can't help. Using BASIC or Microsoft is like going back to wearing nappies. Its just not right. I have real aversion. Is BASIC Turing complete? I.e. general purpose. I only remember being snookered by it every time I tried.

I remember a bit of BusinessBASIC, but that is a dialect of FORTRAN for COBOL applications written by PASCAL programmers. Know about FORTRAN, LISP and C.
I've been programming for 50 years. Basic in one form or another has been around that long...and continues to be used today. The system I maintain for a major company is web based with an ASP backend mostly written in VBScript...and talking to a collections of DLLs written in stndard VB.

Not saying Basic is my favorite (I can get things done faster in C), but, like Cobol..it ain't dead yet.