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Thread: caregiver woes

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    caregiver woes

    do i have to hire 3 diff caregivers? wth? one to let dogs out, one to do some cleaning and one to help me (which is very little)? i am freaking tired of this. and yeah, they were apprised of duties, but grow resentful. i'd kill to be able to do what little is asked. it's stupid to say my son or whoever did this or that. or which dog. i'm ready to pack it in. i am really tired of paying for tires, being understanding when she can't come, etc. just to be told she won't empty dishwasher and put dirty in as my son can do so.

    today it was pine needles on floor as son and friend got tree. i am ready to give it up. i am tired.

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    I'm so sorry Cass. Been there done that. My husband himself fired our last caregiver cause she was complaining about the housework. Seems that even though we went thru all of the duties prior all of a sudden she was hired to be a housekeeper. But yet she would do other cleaning duties that was not on her list of duties and to the extreme. Like cleaning the mirrors. She would go thru a bottle of windex in a month but couldn't unload the dishwasher. Now I'm doing it all with the exception of a young man that does therapy and thats it with him for 3 hrs a day. I'm very tired. But we have to keep going.

    I think its time for you to look for new help. I think they just get burnt out afterwhile. Good luck and don't give up.

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    Instead of hiring a caregiver to do those duties. Try hiring a housekeeper. It probably be cheaper.

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    The problem is when the state allows for certain number of hours per day for a "Personal Care Attendant". This person is supposed to perform or assist in ALL activities of daily living. This includes household chores that need to be done. The state allows for theses position to be paid a (sometimes) minimal amount and the availability is horrendous.

    If you can find a person who you can hire as a housekeeper and is willing to learn how to do the "Personal Care" duties you need, and be willing to be paid as a PCA, go for it. If you have a consumer directed deal, you choose the person and classifying the job differently may help but you need to be sure they are comfortable with any personal issues you need help with.--eak
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