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Thread: Afraid to switch from condom/leg bag to Intermitten Catheterization

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    Afraid to switch from condom/leg bag to Intermitten Catheterization

    Anyone have tips/advice for me? I am T3/T4 male para and have been reflex voiding using a condom catheter leg bag for 30 years. My urologist wants me to switch to Intermittent cath but I don't have experience with it.

    He gave me a prescription of Detrol but I only lasted 2 hours before I was leaking. I work for an insurance company as a systems engineer and i'm responsible for the system that processes our annuities (largest part of our income) so I need to be able to attend meetings and some travel etc. Also have a part time job (own a franchise) so I am nervous about how I can continue if I can't solve the leaking problem.

    I also have no idea what products to use to IC (intermittent catheterize) while out of the house and how to carry them around.

    Also, what do you do if you can't get to a bathroom (get stuck on a plane during a flight for example). I've been on a plane delayed on runway before and if I didn't have a large leg bag i'd be in trouble.

    any advice from some IC veterans is very much appreciated! I know you're out there!

    Anyone else have trouble with getting the meds to work?

    Anyone recommend botox over drugs?

    thanks, dan

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    Do you have a wheelchair bag? I'm no veteran, new to IC myself. The supplies don't take up much space and I have some in my wheelchair bag. I'm female so my catheters are shorter, but its not a huge difference. I carry the catheters, some individually wrapped wipes, and individual lube packets.

    As for the plane I've read of people cathing under a lap blanket into a container. As a male you're at the advantage there You could also use a closed cath system kit, or regular leg bag still I believe. But if those aren't available and you have an empty drink bottle it will work as well.
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    A foley would make things easier. Using Vetericyn when you insert it would minimize the odds of a uti.

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    I used to leak involuntarily for a while before surgery to stop that but still had to ic regularly. Not being able to find a place to cath was a big worry for me but it has not been much of a problem and not having a leg bag to deal with is very nice. If leaking is the problem I cathed through the condom cath regularly until I didn't need the leg bag any more. I'm sure it isn't the most sterile option but I didn't have much of a problem with blatter infections although I had more than I do now. All I can think of is do that until you either figure it out were you don't leak or decide ic is not an option. If you reflex void you could always use a condom cath as a backup for plane trips or what not.

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    I am in the same boat as you. 6 years ago after 25 years of leg bag use I had a kidney stone. Doc advised I cath. That didn't work well, I was peeing all over. I now wear my leg bag and cath through the condom catheter. If I'm late or busy, no problem.

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    Cathing through a condom catheter is playing Russian Roulette with urinary tract infections. It is not a practice that is endorsed by urologists.

    All the best,

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    I have been doing IC for almost 35 years.

    I cath and wear a leg bag. However I don't cath "through" the condom cath. I take off the condom cath and then cath. Depending on circumstances I'll wash out condom cath & leg bag ( at home), or have a new one in my knapsack to put on...

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    changing to IC

    I voided on my own for nearly 40 years. I would use a condom cath(In my early days of SCI it was actually a condom which I had to convert to an external catheter.) during work or trips away from home. Despite my uro's urging I refuse to switch over to IC. As long as the bladder pressure was manageable, everything was OK. However, the time came when it felt like razor blades were in my bladder every time I had to urinate. The bladder pressure became a threat to my kidneys. I had no choice but to switch over to IC.

    After 3-4 years of IC I can say I wish I had made the change earlier. Upside: Reduced bladder pressure, no leg bag to or leaking condom cath to worry about, fewer trips to the bathroom, reduced spasticity, no leaking or bladder accidents, and much less discomfort.

    Downside: More frequent UTI's, some discomfort upon insertion of the catheter, must always have the means to carry catheters, lubricant, anti-bacterial soap, and some kind of make shift urine collection device.

    The pluses far outweigh the minuses, because leaking was never an issue. 5mg of oxybutinyn shuts down the bladder and my urodynamics show a calm bladder without all the spikes in pressure. Wearing shorts or changing pants in the locker room or anywhere else is no longer an embarrassment.

    Work with your uro on adjusting your meds to see if you can get the leaking under control and extend the time between caths. I'm generally good for 4-6 hours during the day and go the whole night without any urgency. For plane trips or other difficult situations you can consider using a foley attached to a leg bag. Before cathing one of my worst experiences was a flight to the west coast. The five hour flight with no means of getting to the bathroom and no way to adjust my position so that I could void into the leg bag made me feel like my kidneys would explode. Don't give up on IC yet. It is definitely a trial and error process, but the rewards can be significant.

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    The only reason I was cathing that way was I had no luck reapplyig a new condom cath while sitting up and and without thoroughly washing (for some reason no more tears liquid soap was the only thing that I could use and get a good seal, not any outher bar or liquid. Wish I had figured that out sooner.) and I went from 1-2 utis every couple years to 1 or 2 minor ones in the last 5-6 years so definitely not recommending it. Also anything you can do to get away from a leg bag I would recommend. More freedom of movement as I was always worked something was kinked. I carry a bag with gloves, cleaning supplies and a regular disposable urinal but keep a couple of the pre lubed caths in my chair and you can allways find some type of bottle in an emergency. As I said none of the things I was worked about have been a problem.

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    after 34 years of reflux voiding using a condom catheter leg bag.
    My urologist wanted me to switch to IC
    I got a new urologist
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