Hi everyone, I just wanted to share my happiness, and excitement. I'm getting a new wheelchair cushion for my manual wheelchair, and it's going to be the same one as I have in my power wheelchair. Which is a Stimulite Contoured honeycomb cushion.

Even though it's a fairly expensive wheelchair cushion, and my primary insurance will not be able to cover for it because it's for my manual wheelchair. It'll be worth every penny of what I get from my disability income to get it. Because of the comfort, support, and the fact that it doesn't cause me any pain/discomfort like the gel, and the foam ones that I've had in the previous years have after a few months of use. I am so excited. My seating specialist came out and measured my manual wheelchair, and he's going to order the new cushion for me.

He said that because my insurance won't approve it because of it being for my manual wheelchair. It shouldn't take long for him to order it, and for it to get to me.

I wanted to be a giver more than a receiver for Christmas this year as I wasn't really expecting much for a Christmas present. But, the new wheelchair cushion will be my Christmas present since I've already bought my family and friends their Christmas gifts, and shipped them out to them.

So, in about two weeks. My new cushion should be here. I can't wait!!!!