Quote Wise Young

"On the other hand, I believe that there will be effective therapies that will restore function to people with spinal cord injury, including touch and pain sensations, bladder and bowel function, erection and ejaculation, and motor control including long-distance walking. Several years ago, I tried to get around the problem of the definition of "cure" by proposing that a person would be cured if a well-informed observer cannot tell that a person has had spinal cord injury. This does not necessarily mean that the person has been completely restored to pre-injury levels or all functions are normal."

As you proposed the 3rd party definition a while ago, I was wondering whether you still think it seems reasonable or whether events and the passing of time have led you to believe that the prospect is no longer possible? It seems a big ask to fool an informed third party that one hadn't been injured, especially if one is ASIA A before therapy. It would certainly be a satisfactory definition to everyone here, I'm sure.

Presumably a "third generation" therapy would be required for this?