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Thread: Wireless router

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    Wireless router

    I need to buy a wireless router for a Christmas gift. It would be used just for home use. There would be three computers that could be potentially running at the same time. I was interested in advice on a particular name brand or how you can judge how much distance the router will reach. I greatly appreciate any input.

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    I'll chime in, I have a Medialink model WAPR150N and I have been happy with it. I have had Linksys in the past and liked them but I found them going bad to often so I tried a different brand this time. I get about fifty feet of wireless range from it, the Linksys did a little better, however I don't need more than that. I have multiple devices connected through it just like the Linksys. No troubles! PS3, Ipod, laptop, etc etc.

    A router with an antenna should have better range if you want to look for that. This Medialink has an internal antenna and the Linksys models I've had went with external antennas. I live in the country and just run it without security since the signal does not reach the road.

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    I've had good luck with Linksys routers. I am on my third upgrade with this brand. The first (802.11b) and second (802.11g) each worked reliably for years and could still be used today. I've only been using the new dual band N router for a couple weeks, but it's been trouble free and performed well so far.

    I would suggest that you read the user reviews at & for any model you consider. I like products that have a good number of reviews - with most of them being positive. The fanboys & haters are pretty easy to spot. I skip those in my evaluation, but I read them too.

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    I have the Linksys. Always worked throuhout house. Pretty much stays connected. Sometimes tough get things all in sync when do lose connection. Think close to 2 years old.

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    I have been using a Netgear router for about 3 years now. It has worked well but was not the easiest to set up. I likely will go with a Linksys when this one dies. Mine has worked as far away as 60 feet. Signals can be too strong. I am picking up 3 of my neighbors. Two of them are 150-200 feet away.
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    LinkSys for me. I've done almost 100 feet with good performance. Imho, its also important you lock down the security. I live in a building with about 10 other wireless systems around me. I use NIC addresses on my router only talks to my machines.

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    I appreciate all the feedback. How are you able to determine how many feet of signal you can receive?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tinern View Post
    I appreciate all the feedback. How are you able to determine how many feet of signal you can receive?
    From the places where I use my laptop and stay connected.
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    For computer stuff I normally head straight to Newegg and look at their best-sellers with the highest ratings that have sold a lot. I've been using a D-Link DIR-655 for the past couple years and been extremely happy with it. Fast, always works, decent range (around 100 feet) and doesn't need to be constantly power cycled like some of the routers I've had in the past.

    You can get it for about $70 at Newegg right now at:
    D-Link Xtreme Gigabit Router (DIR-655) Wireless N300, USB SharePort, Gigabit
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    Fan of D-Link too. Would like to change my network to 'Private Investigations' but I can't remember how ...
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