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Thread: Agenda for Washington April 12

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    I cant come and Jesse cant come, but I have a representative that I am trying to convince to come into my place and boy will you people be happy to hear who that might be. Time will tell

    Some ships sail east, some ships sail west, both by the same breeze blown. It is the set of the sail and not the gail that determines the direction blown.

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    Let me be blunt.
    I've heard that before and she's still around.

    If this march gets tied into the rally for the cure website I'm out.

    We need big unilateral exposure. The kind we were planning before the Rally for the cure, until it in my opinion was derailed to honor the Keck Ctr. Originally we were going to march on Washington, or Atlanta back then until Wise announced the Rally for the Cure in the midst of our enthusiasm. I have no problem with honoring Dr. Young and even a speaker can say at the March that it was through his CareCure website that gave us the median to organize. However for the betterment of the cause we must be unilateral in scope.

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    BigB, Bethany, Suzanne - thank you for all the kind words you have given me. You all are really AMAZING! As Suzanne said, you have pulled this off in 5 days. When this march is over and done with - you will have taken the hopes and dreams of so many people and brought them into reality AND you will have given so many more people than you can even imagine more hope, more confidence and more love.

    Now comes the actual details. I believe marching around the Capitol will be easier. Someone will need to contact the Capitol Hill police officers and the federal park rangers about permits, fees etc.

    I am not sure from DC's perspective, what the minimum number of people are to be considered an "official" march. I would think that it would have to be in the thousands so you probablly don't need to get permits.

    The back side of the Capitol has been under renovation for a couple of years and I am not sure if it is completed. I say this because if its not, then the space is not available to use to gather. The front of the Capitol near the steps is also off limits. With 9/11, I'm not sure how much they have closed off to the general public but you still have the lawn near the water fountain in front of the Capitol to use.

    My guess is that if there are only going to be a few hundred people, I wouldn't even register with the police but just meet on the lawn and go from there. But at least check out what the basic requirements are without giving them your information.

    The details of this will be important but remember to keep this simple. Five days ago you didn't believe you could do this and then you just picked a date and said HERE WE GO!

    The same applies now remember that you can keep it simple. Because you are not a corporation or non-profit, all the expenses will have to be in someone's name and that person will be financially responsible.

    You don't need to build a grand stage for the event. A microphone with speaks, your banners, signs and chairs will be awesome.

    Simplicity will keep the costs down but it doesn't mean that it cheapens the effect you are creating. In fact, the more organic a movement, the more people will take you seriously because they know its not bankrolled by a professional organiation.

    You might even find a medical supply company or mobility rental company who will donate the wheelchairs for the day.

    I hope you know what incredible angels you all are. You are showing the rest of the world what courage, beauty and inner strength is.

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    The Rally for the Cure was a good thing, but did it get the CR bills passed? Did it get more Government funding? Did it get the average American Citizen to see what we are about.
    That's our job. And, I thank Dr. Young for giving us the median to set that up.

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    Originally posted by Betheny:

    Clipper-PR obviously. That's a biggie. Maybe we should let her delegate some jobs since we don't know what needs done? Faye is so good at political issues. I wish we could put Suzanne at the front of every single line, she could charm the birds from the trees LOL. Bob, you're absolutely right that we are not a commodity to be used by one organization. We are our own organization. I hope it's okay though to use our organization, this once, to pay homage. And let's not forget how much we can learn from them!

    You must be the peacock hidden in the treee...


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    I hope it's okay though to use our organization, this once, to pay homage. And let's not forget how much we can learn from them!
    We did that already at the Rally for the Cure.

    We need to expand our scope and unite every organization working for a cure if you want to see it in your lifetime

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    Just my 2 cents...
    I prefer the "Cure Paralysis Now" logo.
    I just think "Rally for the Cure" is a more generic statement, and some of the general public actually do think riding around in a wheelchair is fun believe it or not
    I want funding for clinical trials for SCI, so to me, "Cure Paralysis Now" is very direct to the general public and there can be no mistake about what we want.
    Also, I agree with BigB in that we can't single out any one organization or have it appear that we have. We are all in this together and want the same thing. To do something about this injury. We want help.

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    Originally posted by LetsGo:

    Patricia - that's awesome and you want to do it in front of powerful image like the White House or Capitol. America doesn't know what life is like being paralyzed and this is exactly why you need to educate them. Once they understand it and no longer are afraid of you - they will move mountains for you in supporting this community.
    I think this is one of the most powerful video clips I have ever seen about paralysis:


    I meant to tell you that this is really a powerful video clip! I watched it this morning. I have never seen one like this before. Unfortunately, the quality of the video is not so good. Nonetheless, it is absolutely a sound educational material revealing without reservation the unbearable faces of SCI to the general public. I hope one day we can afford to produce a similar one in Hong Kong.

    One thing I have to complain is that I wasn't able to control the tears from running down my pale face.


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    Originally posted by BigB:

    Let me be blunt.
    I've heard that before and she's still around.
    If this was an attempt at humor, it failed. If it was an attempt to be a jackass, you succeeded. Your divisive manner is depleting my enthusiasm.

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    BigB gave a thought on making a big impact. Would schools allow us to speak about paralysis. They are the future and nothing else seems to work.

    Just another shoot off this stump of ours.

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