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Thread: Bruhovetsky Response

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    Bruhovetsky Response

    This is the response I just recieved from my 12-25-04 e-mail:

    Thank you for writing us, we would be very glad if we prove helpful to you.

    First we should apologise for the delay , we were somewhat overworked.

    We also should warn you that no clinic in the world can give a 100% guarantee in cases of brain and/or spinal injury and we constitute no exception. Considering the complexity of the brain and spinal cord functioning after the injury we do not guarantee positive result.

    Our clinic has refused from fetal stem cells and applies autologous cells i.e. the cells of the patient himself, which proves to be much more successful. Depending on the results of clinical examination the cells are taken either from peripheral blood or from olfactory sheath of a nose or both. The stem cells are applied within the framework of Scientific research project "Cell Technologies for Medicine"of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences.

    The cells are applied largely in two ways: either the transfusion or the surgery with biodegradable polymer scaffold implantation.

    To assess your case and to define the medical protocol for treatment or surgery we need to see your medical report and MRI scans which you may send either by e-mail or by post.

    By now we can say that the majority of our patients (about 60%) recover certain motor functions, pelvic organs' functions and sensitivity to a certain extent. However these results are very individual and we have to be very careful and give no promises.

    All these procedures are part of a scientific research program, so certain regulations are imposed on us. To be enrolled into this program the patient is to be examined according to the Standard European Protocol. The examination costs about $3500. Considering the results of the examination we administer the treatment or the surgery with the stem cells transplantation. The price here varies greatly. The examination, stem cells' collection, rehabilitation and cells transfusion together with staying in the clinic cost about $13 000. If the surgery is required the the price totals about $25 000.

    We look forward to hearing from you soon.

    This is considerable contrast to the claims made in the Russian news agency Novosti. How do you:

    1) Not know which cell type to use without an examination?
    2) Use one cell type over another or both?
    3) Novosti stated SCI has been reversed, 6 treated are all learning to walk again. This reply says 60% recovery of "something".
    4) No guarantees are made, you spend your money, you take your chances.

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    Thank you for posting this... I wonder if we can get a more detailed response in Russian if one of our members would contact them for information. The details are really important. Wise.

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    Dr. Young,

    What details do you suggest? I will send an additional e-mail with more specific questions if you have time to assist me.


    Can you help since you speak the language?


    Per your e-mail request, I will forward the Bruhovetsky reply to you.

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    Thanks Schmeky,

    "All you have to decide is what to do with the time that is given you."
    Gandolf the Gray

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    What the fuck is this? Is this legit or just another dead end?

    sherman brayton

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    How the cells are cultured, how they know what they are, the criteria for decisions, etc. For example, the procedure for growing cells from the nasal mucosa should described in detail. Likewise, it would be good to know the procedure for growing stem cells from peripheral blood. Without such information, it is hard to know what is being transplanted and how safe it is. Wise.

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