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Thread: Well hello everyone. RLS ISSUES

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    Well hello everyone. RLS ISSUES

    I don't know if I am the only one on this site with this issue but anyway. I have SEVER refractory Restless leg syndrome. I am 19 years old. And literally been on everything under the sun (words of my doctor) Dopamine drugs do not work or cause massive side effects. Benzodiazapines worked but I can not and do not want to continue treatment with them I got up to 80mgs of Diazapam a day alot with 80mgs of baclofen. Needless to say doses like that ruin your life in many ways more than the Pain from rls.

    I guess I am just looking to see if there are others who Have it as bad in terms of RLS as me. Because I LITERALLY have severe pain when I do have an episode. Not just discomfort.

    Just wanna say Hi and this community looks really nice.

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    You DO know that this forum is designed for those who have spinal cord injuries (and are usually paralyzed), right??? RLS is rarely an issue for people with SCI. You should probably look for a site that addresses the needs of those with RLS.


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    Yes. I DO know that. Even if its not severe RLS for others I still have severe neuropathic pain in common. While I cannot relate to how SCI directly effects a persons life. There are very little amount of people outside of the SCI community that experience neuopathic pain as I do. Just trying to get connected with people who live with similar issues.

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    Rls is a neurological diagnosis but I do not fully fall under it. I have some symptoms Of stiff person syndrome but I once again am not a classic case of that either. At this point in order to find out what is going on I would have to basically be a study subject.

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    Alot of Restless tongues and minds hear, legs not so much. Not saying go away young man, but you may have better results on some other forum.

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