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    Some of you guys have gone way beyond what I can do. I had a great M-Audio card going to six channel analog it to my Harmon/Kardon (the only brand in my price range that has eight channel analog in) but it doesn't work with 64-bit Windows. I was easily able to change profiles between music, movies and TV. Now I have to play with the receiver to get it to decode whatever I'm watching properly which can be a bit frustrating. I miss that old card. Oh well, with time I can afford something else. Meanwhile, I need to figure out how to get everything situated on my new Harmon Kardin receiver using HDMI.
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    i haven't found a way to get it to automatically skip to the next one.......but ffdshow might fix your codec problem FO...........

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    I'm a purist. Will store music in lossless and video on computer, but I run it through an outboard DAC to my sound system for playback. Still haven't made the jump to surround sound since my definitive technology speakers are bipolar and sound better as a pair than all but the best surround systems I've heard. The rear facing mid range driver and tweeter coupled with 2 mids and a tweeter firing forward and an active 10" paired with a passive 10" woofer driven by an internal 300watt amp in each speaker fills my great room with impressive sound. Been using a musical fidelity intergrated amp to drive the mids and tweeters, but I think I'll switch to a tube amp in the near future.

    I've been an audiophile for ages and reproducing music as closely as possible to the original is my goal. If video were paramount, there's no doubt my system would be different. Still when action peaks giving those subs a workout and the Pioneer Kuro plasma is putting out what is still the best picture I've seen I don't miss surround speakers at all.

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    I’ve always wondered why when somebody says they’re an audiophile or a purist, it’s always followed by statements about how their system is better, more expensive, and surround sound is pointless. Just my thought, but it’s always bugged me, because I consider myself having a very nice system and couldn’t imagine it without surround sound.

    That’s all beside the point since we’re talking about Home Theater Computers, and in my mind home theater means surround sound, big screens, and loud thrashing subwoofers.

    I decided to write up a little bit about my Home Theater System and have a bunch of information about how it’s distributed throughout the house, usable at any location with an android phone (even for a quadriplegic with minimal hand dexterity), and included lots of pictures/screenshots of it in action. Wonder if any of you other folks have some screenshots of what yours looks like?

    Good fun!
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    Quote Originally Posted by airart1 View Post
    i haven't found a way to get it to automatically skip to the next one.......but ffdshow might fix your codec problem FO...........
    Thanks, but isn't ffdshow running under Windows?

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    Chassmain, didn't intend to offend or come off as too much of an audio snob. Sorry if I did. My system is very simple and works well for my purposes. No doubt your complex system serves your purposes well also.

    As for cost, I've always been on a pretty tight budget. Problem being my grandfather turned me on to "high end" audio back in the 1960's with his Klipsh corner horns driven by a Marantz tube amp. The sound was so vastly different than anything I'd heard that it impressed the 10 year old me greatly. The "high end" stuff tends to be expensive which never went well with my budget. I've been slowly improving my system for 3 decades mostly buying used equipment since I couldn't afford new.

    These days my budget is bigger, but I still look long and hard for the best bargains I can find. I sold "high end" audio part time mostly for the employee discounts and have heard some amazing components and systems over the years. That can be dangerous since my system never lived up to them. Even buying used I could never begin to afford the top of the line offerings from the best makers. A pair of speakers can sell for $100,000 +.

    All I could ever do was attempt to approach the sound I remember from gramps' system. I should have added a clarifying statement here and there in my original post. For me surround sound would not be cost effective for the small amount of sound added by rear speakers. It can be pretty spooky knowing there are no speakers behind me and hearing the reflected sound from the bipolar fronts back there. As I said in my original post, if my audio priorities were different, my system would be too. All I can say for sure is that if you are happy with the sound from your system, quit looking for you can almost always find better. The best system I've heard was at the home of a customer who had special ordered everything from the dealer where I got my employee discounts. The stuff he had was well above anything we carried in cost and quality. He happened to be blind. When I asked him how he justified spending enough to buy a very nice house on a stereo, he said "If I could drive, I'd drive a Ferrari. This is my Ferrari. His analogy is very appropriate. Most ppl get along just fine in their Ford sound systems, and, fortunately for them, they aren't even aware the Ferrari systems exist. The differences between sound systems is as great as the difference between the brands of cars.

    I'm not attempting to rank our personal sound systems. Never cared abt who's was bigger in any way. All that really matters is each person being happy with what they have.
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    wow, been doing surround sound going on almost 20 years....nothing new there.........just better speakers..........and FO, i guess yes, ffdshow has all the codecs thru into the windows system like vlc........i thought thats what u were running, i've yet to not get vlc to play anything i throw at it......but all mine is under windows......thinking of using one of these and drop off my home stereo system........

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    shakey… obviously I’ve been spending too much time at the AVS Forums (audio, video, sound), and got a little touchy about all the audiophileness that sometimes permeates the place. I most certainly appreciate your statement about each person being happy with what they have, and I apologize for coming off as a jerk.

    I’m probably in the middle of the road on the budget side of things in the audio world, but I’ve put together a pretty cranking system using some very high end 1990s used vintage speakers that I bought for 1/10th of their original price, and some very powerful, value driven amplifiers bought from an Internet direct company. They might not have tubes or be built by one of the boutique brands, but put out an honest 200+ W per channel from 10-100,000 hz for less than $1,000.

    When people ask me how I can blow so much money on my big projection screen and speakers I tell them that’s my mountain bike and skis, literally, I sold my sports stuff and bought my stereo :-) We need to have our toys just like everyone else, right?
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    As far as codecs to get everything playing right into a home theater computer, I’d uninstall all codec packs and everything of the sort and then go to the Shark007 website and install his codec pack. I’ve been using his stuff for the past year and think it’s easily the most unbloated, easy to configure, full-featured codec pack out there. With it I have my main Home Theater PC sending Dolby True HD/DTS Master Audio bitstreamed to my receiver, and my secondary system downsampling the uncompressed audio to something my older receivers and TV can understand.
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    Chassmain, no apology needed, and I understand you being touchy having spent time on the AVS forums. Those guys can be way over the top. I lasted abt a week there.

    Care to share which speakers and amps you are running? Do know 1990's speakers pretty well, and I don't know much abt Internet direct companies other than Outlaw. I always find it interesting to look at the choices ppl make when putting a system together. It can tell a great deal abt their taste in sound.

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