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Thread: Is This Going To Continue? Dr. Wise Your Opinion Please.

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    If you have a beer with Shveddy, I'm showing up, too. I completely understand what everyone has said about getting slapped with inabilities on a daily basis, even though we try to look past it. Happens to me all the time, more so when I'm in the AB world, trying hard to keep up. Expecting ourselves to be upbeat and positive all the time is unrealistic. We are still in various phases of grief.

    Just another thought....I never had problems with the dark winter days until my accident. I was injured in late July and was in hospitals for several months. By the time I got out the days started shortening and I was in a major funk. It happened the following two years as well. Maybe you are feeling it more because of the season...or your recent 'anniversary'?

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    Long nights and cold days have never been my happy time and there is almost no doubt that I was feeling it this morning. It's been unprecedentedly hard for me to deal with it this year, and I'm thinking that it is just because I am in an insane time of transition without anything specific to vie for my time and I don't have the same fun activities available to distract me. I'm at that stage where i really need to move on and find something specific to pursue, and I can not wait for this time of indecision to be over. Funk is quite apt at describing it. Does anyone have a job to offer

    Beers are indeed in order. Mflounlacker, I haven't been to the southeast coast for a while but I've been in contact with high-fives adventures a bit to head out west and do some speed-flying, but maybe a plain old snowboarding trip would be more realistic. I know you were planning on heading out to Tahoe for a trip with them, when would that be?

    Truly, a beer with you is less of a logistical challenge. But time is running out! For this year anyway. I'll be out of the country on another adventure in a few short weeks
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    I think the trip has been switched top the East Coast. I am going to be talking to the gus on Monday. I am hoping to try to do a fundraiser for them. Not sure how yet.
    At some point I will make it a mission to meet some of you folks in person. I have gotten more out of some of the conversations on this forum than in any other place. Period.
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    One thing I did not mention in my earlier post is that although my injury is complete and I did not have any neurological return, it was about 20 years post injury when I finally reached my functional peak. My remaining innervated muscles continued to strengthen. More importantly, I learned to use them more effectively. My stamina also continued to increase during that period. Early on I learned that persistence, practice and patience paid off in many ways. I also learned that gym exercises can help but real world activities strengthen muscles missed in the gym and places demands on combinations of muscles not addressed in gym activities. Sometimes seemingly necessary muscles are missing but often work arounds can be found. The bottom line is that SCIs often have more potential than they realize as newbies. To me anyone under 5 years post injury is a newbie.
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    I'm coming up on two years post, and you know what, I pretty much stopped thinking about it. This is basically what I am going to get back, maybe a little more, or not, its really time to move on. I can wobble along with arm crutches, ride my hand cycle or really slow on my leg powered recumbent trike, but manly I live in a wheel chair, an thats that. Like SCI for 55 says, one learns about how to do stuff with this new life all the time, or at least for 20 years. I just figured out how to hop up a tall curb last week, and yesterday I got in the back of my very tall pickup, to get some stuff, and made it look ease. But basically this is it, its really time to stop thinking about it and just do what one can do, relax have a beer, chill out with some friends. I'm pretty sure that the sun will come up tomorrow, even if its a cloudy day.
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