Is this going to continue? At first they said I was T12 complete. Then I moved. Not complete. Yay! It started slow and the pace is nowhere near fast enough for me but I have made steady improvement. First the walker, then crutches, then cane. Now I am walking around the house unaided.
How long will this continue? It's been a year since my accident. My motto has been from the beginning to push for everything, expect nothing, and rejoice in anything. I work my ass off in the gym, crutch hiking, biking, etc. Is this why I am recovering? Everyday I think I have a handle on this, I am reminded that I am still longing for my old life, which is not realistic,but my body gives me the feeling I can make it. Is this a healthy mentality. It seems nowadays my motto is push myself like crazy, expect everything, and rejoice in nothing. WTF?