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Thread: Icon Chair Question

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    Icon Chair Question

    Can D's locks be installed on the Icon A1 ?

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    Yes. We've put D's locks on a number of Icon chairs.

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    Jeff, do you have any pics with them on? Been thinking about getting D's or surelocks but wasn't sure where the best place to mount the activator would be.

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    I don't have any photos - I'll take some of the next set we put on (we have 2 orders currently that have requested D's locks, so it won't take too long). We've been putting the actuator on the front wing, tucked in behind the bend - can hardly see it, and it keeps the cords nice and short, and running flat over the chassis back to the hubs.

    The setup is super slick, and they work really well. I'll get some pics as soon as I can.

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