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Thread: Does anyone know of a quad friendly camera?

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    Does anyone know of a quad friendly camera?

    I'm not just talking about keeping it in place. I'm trying to find a cam that's friendly on my fingers and isn't too heavy...

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    Suggest you do a search on this forum with the words "quad" and "camera". You will find many previous discussions. Here are just a couple:


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    Quad camera

    Hello, the links listed for quad friendly cameras are all too old and outdated. Which camera would work for you depends on your level of function. I'm helping a high level quad with only head movement. I'm trying to set up a smart phone that has an application that can take photographs by voice command. For those with enough movement, a touchscreen camera will work- such as those from Nikon and Panasonic. For those who require a remote switch, look for cameras with this function. The micro 4/3 mirrorless cameras, such as the Olympus and Panasonic, will be lighter and may be held with a gorilla tripod or equivalent. They can also be mounted on a wheelchair and used with a bite switch. Good luck.

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    GoPro all the way!

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    Go pro or a Sony HDR. It has a Velcro adjustable strap and Matt uses his tongue or pinky on the touchscreen. You can also consider an attachment and pole mounted to your wheelchair when you need it.

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    Dr O, those are great ideas/ suggestions. I was definitely looking for a gorillapod or magic arm, or both...
    I'm a low quad myself, c6/c7, so touchscreen is definitely one way to go.
    Roller and gentrie, ill check those out too

    Any of you guys have stuff to show?

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    i'm c/6/7 also. if you can, go to walmart or somewhere you can try em out. i got a kodak touch screen a year or 2 ago. i'm sure they don't sell that model anymore but any touch screen with image stabilization should work for ya.

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    Cool thx man. I'm in NYC so walmart's a little far out, but best buy should have some of these

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    If you're in NYC, go to B&H!

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    I am a c6 quad and I built a handle to use with most cameras. Get a 5" long 1/4" bolt. Get a 4" long 1/4" hose and slide it over the bolt so that only the head and threads are showing. The outside diameter of the hose should be about 5/8". Slide a bicycle grip over the hose and then screw the whole thing into the tripod hole on the camera. You may have to put some glue between the hose and the bicycle grip. You could also add a velco strap if needed.
    You should easily be able to use this with any camara you own.

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