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Thread: Bladder Problems...Please help!

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    Bladder Problems...Please help!

    My name is Chris Skinner and I am a 25yr old C5-C6 complete quad. I was injured about 4 1/2 years ago on June 10, 2000. I had a superpubic catheter put in about two years ago to try and enhance my lifestlye. I was very active and in college so it was difficult finding someone to cath me every 3-4hrs. The superpubic cath gave me much more freedom, although it has brought about a whole new set of problems of its own. It is so frustrating because I was given all the pros and cons on the situation and like so many situations of a quad I felt damned if I do and damned if I don't!

    Now I am experiencing all kinds of dysreflexia, because apparently my bladder has shrunk to the size of the balloon in my catheter which is only 5cc's. My bladder has been super sensitive ever since my accident so I have tried all kinds of meds including Flomax, Ditropan, etc... Basically things are getting worse as I have made two trips to the ER in the last 3 weeks with pounding headache's and all the AD symptoms.

    Unfortunately I live in a small town in Southwerst VA and their experience w/ quads is limited. My last appt. with my urologist was yestertday and now they are suggesting A BLADDER AUGMENTATION surgery due to high pressures in my bladder. Has anyone experienced this? Any suggestions, thoughts, referrals or storys? Please help, this is killing me man! IM trying to keep my spirits up.

    Chris Skinner

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    Chris Skinner,

    I have copied your topic to the Care forum where there will be more people who can provide helpful comments. Please click on this link to go to the topic in the Care forum. I am locking this topic. Thanks.


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