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Thread: Why do you like where you live?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LindaT View Post
    If money was no consideration I would move us to a warmer climate.
    We have good quality of life as far as living expenses and safety-along with family here and our state is more generous than most with the program that keeps my husband out of a NH. This is home.

    There isn't much to like about winter now.It is very long and the bitter cold that affects his breathing if we go out. Winter traps us inside.
    Dave used to ice fish and did not mind working outside on the coldest days being a northern Minnesota guy.

    I have such envy for those of you in warmer climates.
    Did you get much snow yesterday? We got about 11 inches . I hate the cold, but I think the snow is the worst part. Like you, if I had the money I'd be in a warmer climate. Would be nice to have a winter home in Florida. I was dreaming about it a lot before that last big Powerball.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheRainman View Post
    I'm from s. florida. I like the weather and the conveniences of everything being so close to. But it is exspensive to live here. And people that seem to move here come to florida to get away from people, which sounds odd due to the large amount of people that live here. But I hear that a lot from the people that move here. They say were not friendly like the place they came from. I fine most people here don't know more then two or three of their neighbors.

    But if you like the night life. Gamling or going to concerts or major league games, s. florida is for you.

    I grew up in the mountains of Western North Carolina. Most of our "transplants" came from south Florida. I never understood why they moved to the mountains and then complained because we didn't have this chain restaurant or that chain store available in a small town. Some took their complaints really to the point of making everyone around them despise them. Most just got letters to the local paper's editor that said "go back where you came from".

    Funny about getting away from people, maybe they didn't do enough research before moving lol.

    The Northerners who moved to Florida then the mountains, we called "halfbacks" because they moved halfway back home. lol But true Floridians were just like us in that they loved the south and its quirky cultures and their neighbors.

    My only complaint about living in the mountains is that it is hard to enjoy having limited mobility. When I moved to a flatter area, I gained the ability to walk around the neighborhood again and enjoy the outdoors like I had not been able to since I was a kid.

    As far as, why do I like where I have lived, Arizona was the most accessible place but spread out. I lived in Gilbert and there was so much to do in a relatively short area but alot of neighborhoods were really spread out. The small towns in Colorado that I lived in were not inaccessible just hilly and like all other small towns lacked lots of curb cuts/sidewalks etc. I did like being able to ride my scooter to do my shopping and errands on a Saturday morning. I can't walk the distance so it was the closest thing to taking a neighborhood walk since my accident. In the mountains of Western North Carolina, doing that was just short of suicidal because we didn't have connected sidewalks and the blind curves/hills made for just being an accident waiting to happen.

    I am looking into North Florida as my next destination.
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    i've stated it before but i love rochester, ny. it has a small town feel, but also has great music, theatre/arts(hello! garth fagan dance!), lots of sports/recreation for ppl with disabilities, over 100 festivals between march and november, museums(george eastman house, rochester museum and science center, etc), places that teach you how to do anything from glass blowing to black smithing to pottery! i love the seasons, farmers markets and universities. just all around a great place to live.
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    I am loving the Hill Country in Texas. We need more rain, but it is beautiful. The people are very friendly, and I love the energy here.
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    I enjoy living in a university town with an abundance of young people, educational opportunities and cultural events. There are live theaters and a beautiful performing arts center as well as a world class zoo and the state museum. Columbia is also the state capital. That makes it convenient for involvement in the legislative process, including lobbying centered around disability issues, which I do. In the spring the city explodes in color from azaleas, dogwoods, etc. My lot borders on a city park that has tennis courts, and a recreation building where you can find everything from a chess tournament to an indoor basketball court. At the end of the park there is an elementary school with its playground integrated with the park. I can watch and hear the kids playing from my deck and wheel up to the school to do such things as talk to them about disability or tell them some wild stories which are usually takeoffs on fairy tales. The kids love them. I love being with kids .... for about an hour at a time. lol I am about 3 blocks from the medical school and have access to its library. There is also a public library branch about five minutes away. We are a few minutes from Fort Jackson, one of the army's largest basic training facilities. As a result there are an abundance of military personnel around. They are a very polite and helpful group of people. In general city life here is much more laid back compared to other cities I have been in. You do not get that "rat race" feeling when out on the streets.

    Our primary reason for moving here was to get away from the snow and cold of the western PA winters. We are now faced with hot, humid summers but we do not have to shovel the heat. lol On the other hand a two hour drive to the east puts us on the beaches and a two hour drive to the west brings us to the mountains. Finally, the cost of living here is very reasonable compared to many other places we have been. My wife and I have no desire to leave.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wheelman21 View Post
    Did you get much snow yesterday? We got about 11 inches . I hate the cold, but I think the snow is the worst part. Like you, if I had the money I'd be in a warmer climate. Would be nice to have a winter home in Florida. I was dreaming about it a lot before that last big Powerball.
    We (Mid Central) got at least 11 inches as I'm sure LindaT did as well. I'm with you on the cold and snow and would be out of here in a heartbeat if cash was no problem. The bad part about this town, Drugville, anybody can act insane and fit right in. The farther away from city I am the better I feel. Would love being a mountain man in a warmer climate.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wheelman21 View Post
    Did you get much snow yesterday? We got about 11 inches . I hate the cold, but I think the snow is the worst part. Like you, if I had the money I'd be in a warmer climate. Would be nice to have a winter home in Florida. I was dreaming about it a lot before that last big Powerball.
    Hey Wheelman, We got by with only a couple inches. I saw you guys down there got dumped on. Somehow it missed us.
    I was out doing errands today -4 and very icy-people driving like idiots.
    Still, it was bright and sunny with no wind. Guess that is the best we can ask for.

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    55, my sister goes to Columbia for a week every year and says what a nice city it is.
    I envy you!

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    I love the water fishing, boating, and laying in it like a fat beached whale when the temp is to hot to deal with and also ice fishing when it gets cold enough . I used to travel and build hotels and there was no place like home. I enjoy all four seasons also

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    I'm originally from Oklahoma and never felt like it was "home". I moved to DFW about 9 years ago and love it here. Family is about 5 hours away so that is nice! DFW has great restaurants, entertainment, accessiblity (except the occassional restroom of certain businesses). The people are very nice here. We live in a small town about 10 minutes north of the big city so we have the best of both worlds. Our neighborhood is great, the next house is just over an acre away so we aren't slammed up next to anyone. Most importantly, It feels like "home"!
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