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Thread: Disneyland California

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    Disneyland California

    Soooo....we are going to Disneyland next month, and I'd love any tips! Best rides to transfer to? Most accessible hotels nearby?
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    When you go, demand a GAC card. If they tell you that you don't need one, ask for a manager. Heather and I went last month and they told us we didn't need one. We had to wait in all the long lines. Then at our last ride there (the ferris wheel) one of the staff members asked "where's your GAC card, you wouldn't have had to wait in the long line". Lol

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    Most of the rides are a bitch to get into

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    Our son is 10. We have been there many times. We lift him onto most of the rides. You need to be able to get yourself into the rides ( family can help). Cast members are not allowed to help. Go to city hall and ask for a guest assistance card (GAC). Tell them you have a problem waiting in the lines. They will give you a map telling you which rides you need to transfer. You may need to enter rides through an exit or use the fast pass line. ALWAYS ask first and show the card.
    Some rides you can stay in your chair (Buzz Light year, Train, Small World)
    Some rides have a slide bench if you ask for it. (Space Mtn & Splash Mtn) others you will need to do yourself but they can slow or stop the ride (Haunted, Matterhorn, ) We have found the Cast members to be very helpful, Just ask.
    California Adventure is the same ., but more of the lines are wheel chair accessible so you may need to wait in more lines there.
    Use First aid to store any medications and there bathrooms are bigger too. They also have 2 "Family bathrooms" in the park if you are in need of that.

    Have Fun!

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    Disneyland Hospital

    I don't think many people know this but there IS a Disneyland hospital. When I went with a group in rehab in 2003 I had huge open abdominal wounds so sitting up was hard so I ended up going to the "hospital" (there is actually a Dr. there!) so I could lay flat and do pressure relief. the nurses were great and happy to accommodate anything I needed. the hospital is on main st USA behind...I think an ice cream parlor on the right if you're heading into the park. Best of luck, it can b a fun place ESPECIALLY if there' 're people to lift us in n out of some of the rides!
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