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Thread: Rain & e-motion wheels

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    Rain & e-motion wheels

    HI folks

    So I've just got my first set of e-motion wheels. AMAZING- it's the first time in a year I've been able to leave home without someone to push me.

    BUT I'm told they cant go in rain, so I'm wondering has anyone come up with a solution to this?

    I'm thinking maybe a rain cover to go around the hubs? A rain cape that hangs over the sides of the chair so the motors are dry?

    Or one of those tent things that you see on mobility scooters?

    Love to hear your experiences on things youve tried and whether the wheels can handle even a light rain?

    thanks heaps!
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    Hmm.. I also purchased emotion M-15 wheels this year. The DME said to avoid puddles and going out in heavy rain. I live in the southwestern part of the United States which is considered desert. It rarely rains here. A cape sounds like a good idea.

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    My DME didn't say anything about avoiding rain, puddles or snow, but i do my best to aoid when possible. I have the new M-15s also. I've been caught in a couple of downpours and got stuck in some slushy snow. No issues yet...when the weather is wet I carry a hand towel with me and as soon as I'm inside again I dry off the wheels, paying extra attention to the battery compartment and the sensors.

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    sledgrl probably is on the right track. Allowing moisture to accumulate which could then vaporize getting into the inner workings is probably what the DME is worried about.
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    This is what it says in my E-Motion M 12 user manual and I imagine it is still the same with the M 15.

    "The eĀ·motion was subjected to a rain test as per ISO 7176
    and functioned normally during brief showers. However, it
    should not be left standing for longer periods of time in the
    rain and journeys during rainfall as well as driving through
    water should be avoided."

    The E-Motion M 15 years manual says

    " Do not travel on non-solid surfaces (e.g. on loose gravel, sand, mud, snow, ice, or through deep puddles)."


    " Do not drive the e-motion during adverse conditions, for example, during storm, snow and ice, hail and tall brushwood." Amongst other things.

    Personally I have run into a few occasions where I have been caught in heavy rain and there has been no detrimental effect. I also have friends who use the E-Motion M 15 as I do, they have also been caught in heavy rain and had no detrimental effect. In saying that I would try and avoid it if possible but I wouldn't panic if you are out and it starts to rain but I would avoid deep puddles with the potential of going up to the sensor.

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    Thanks guys, glad to hear no one's wheels have malfunctioned so far when you've been caught out in rain.

    I've never had power assist wheels or a power chair before so was worried about being in the rain even for a short time. I'd have to pay for repairs/ new wheels and I just couldn't manage without them anymore.

    sledgrl great idea carrying a towel...will do that from now on!

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