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Thread: F.S ERGYS 2 FES Bike

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    F.S ERGYS 2 FES Bike

    Sharky's bike is on the West Coast – so if you live on the East Coast and are looking to save on freight my bike may be a good alternative. I'm also a bit flexible on price –

    I do not have any pictures available at the moment, because the bike is covered by many blankets and stored in a room that I can no longer access. The product stands for itself, but it was incredibly helpful to me when I had more space available. I just don't have any available room to access the bike and use it regularly.

    This bike is solid, the frame is strong and all the components that came with the bike are still intact. If someone is looking to purchase a new version of this particular bike and wants to save some money, I would suggest picking up this for the frame and main components and contacting Therapeutic Alliances.

    ERGYS 3 has some upgrades, but if you live in the Northeast – have a limited budget, and are willing to put in a few hours and purchase some parts – the bike can be upgraded for minimal cost.

    Interested buyers, please private message me for pictures, shipping quotes and price.

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    Edit- For anyone interested in the New England area, I can have the bike dropped off without charge.

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