Okay, this has been a dream of mine for some time now . . . I just launched a Kickstarter project to find supporters for a book about the conference. The way it works is, I had to name how much it would cost me to produce the thing and then come up with a variety of rewards for people who want to see that happen.

I have 30 days to hit my number . . . if that happens, the book will be real and each backer will get the appropriate reward. If I don't hit the number, nobody has spent anything - but there won't be a book.

I really, really want to do this. Blogs are nice, videos are cool, but there's something awesome about a book. More than anything I want to see a beautiful, concise, informative book about Working 2 Walk in the hands of every physical therapist, nurse, injured person, doctor, and family member in the world. I only wish there'd been such a thing when all this was new to me.

So, if you can, please help out! If not, pass this around to people you know who might be interested. Just click on the title below to see the details, and thx x 1,000.

Working 2 Walk: The Book