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Thread: Ventilated tetraplegic wants to fly

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    Ventilated tetraplegic wants to fly

    I had an e-mail from somebody who was browsing my website yesterday. They are carer for a fully ventilated tetraplegic. Apparently he is a university student in Plymouth UK and has the chance to go to Berlin with the rest of his fellow students. Obviously he wants to join in but by all accounts has had problems finding a flight. Berlin isn't 1,000,000 miles away and I suppose the flight with only the a few hours. Apparently Luftansia can offer him a flights but it would have to be on a stretcher. He normally uses a hoist at home. So to cut a long story short, I'm trying to help them find a flight to where he could be transferred into a seat, but obviously taking into account that he is on a ventilator. I don't even know whether or not an airline would want to transport somebody listen to this ability, but I'm sure somebody will be able to help.

    Thanks in advance guys

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    A stretcher? The whole way? Sounds pretty good to me!

    The transfer to an aisle seat/ plane seat is a pain, but it's done all the time by vent-dependent quads with a helper or two (or three). The most important thing is to make sure the external vent battery is well charged.

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    Ironside, you need to make sure if he's only dealing with Lufthansa. And if they are agreeing to his going by stretcher only get that in writing by fax. Flights within Europe are normally in smaller planes and may not be able to handle the guy seated or he may need 2 seats. You also need to know if the flights will begin and end at skyways or on the tarmac. Last, the airline will need to know about the type of batteries and how his oxygen is contained. Oh, and does Germany have the same plug-ins and outlet styles as the UK?

    If everything works can you report back on where he stayed in Berlin and if transportation was a problem? It's been a bit over 20 years since I've been to Berlin and then by car and as an AB staying with friends. The former East Berlin was ready for infrastructure upgrades then as the last of the old order left and a good deal of it should have been rebuilt to modern accessible status. The former West Berlin has many pedestrian areas and I think most of the museums that would be on a university tour should be accessible if memory serves.
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