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Thread: bracelets, what bracelets?

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    thats great news, i can't wait to hand them out to all my girlfriends .

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    YIPPEE! Can hardly wait to distribute them to family and friends.

    Scott, Superstar -- a million thank you's for your efforts to raise awareness and funds for SCI research.

    We had a very limited knowledge of SCI before our oldest was with a friend who dove into the shallow end of the pool and suffered a C5 fracture. All of us now follow the activities in China and Portugal and in Dr. Young's and other labs -- praying for Matt and a cure for everyone who has a SCI.

    We've contributed to various SCI ventures, and we're delighted that we can both contribute and raise awareness of SCI through these bracelets.

    Thanks again! We'll be checking the mailbox everyday.

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    Originally posted by Superstar~:

    It has been decided that *ALL* of the money will go to the China SCI Network.


    so 100% of our $3.00 is going directly to the china network? although this sounds incredible, aren't you losing money on production, shipping and taxes? how are you able to do that? curious. based on my calcuations, i would figure about $.50-$1.00 would be going after the items above are taken into account.

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    Thank you so much for your hard work. I order some already, but I want to order more. I am getting married next month and we would to give them out to our guest at our wedding. Just want to know if we ordered 200 today if they would be here by The first week of Feburary.

    Thanks again.

    Fiance to c7 quad

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    Walshyt, it's 100% *after* our overhead costs. That's still a considerable amount of profit.

    Jeremy, drop me an email w/ your full name (so I know which is yours) & I'll flag your order & get Susan to mail it ASAP. Adding 200 more shouldn't be a problem. Congrats, by the way!!

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    Scott, I just tried ordering 100 but the price came up @ $2 each vs. $1.50 posted. Even tried 101 but no luck..

    Suggestions? Maybe PT me a phone number and I'll call you with the info if that helps expedite the order?

    Thanks, let me know.

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    I hope this doesn't come out wrong - but will we be able to see the financials and get receipts for tax purposes confirming the portion that will going to the China Network? Sorry, I was in finance before my accident so I'm a little anal retentive about money.



    PS I may have missed it but your website does not mention that the monies will go to SCI research. I believe more people will buy if you add that to the site.

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    I just ordered 4, thanx

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    Obed, make sure you're clicking the button *after* the listed price. If it's still charging $2/ea, just click the button below that one & it should adjust the price. I'm not sure why it's doing that... I tested it again & everything is working fine. I'll reply to your email, btw.

    Debbie, I'm going to have to let Susan answer that one... I don't know the answer.

    Norm, got it. Thank you

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    status: after taking pre-orders & orders for 13 days, and after our cost per bracelet & estimated shipping, we'll be sending the China SCI Network a little more than $3000.00 from sales thus far (I think). I don't know exact numbers b/c shipping is going to be obscure. We've got something like 45 orders going to 6 different countries & 18 states... and we're just getting started.

    rock on everyone.

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