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Thread: bracelets, what bracelets?

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    I ordered bracelets, my daughter ordered more received them, I then ordered more but received 1st order + 2nd order. What should I do with the extras?

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    duff66, I replied to your email. Thanks

    should I even ask why this thread was unlocked?

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    actually, a note to anyone who inadvertently received more than they ordered... KEEP THE EXTRAS & HAND 'EM OUT!! It's all about awareness. Don't worry about it.

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    For those that need smaller bracelets....
    I just adjusted the size of my children's bracelets. All I did was use a needle and thread and it worked great! I will order more and sew them, so my children can give them out to their elementary school. I wasn't sure if the thread would hold, but it seems to be holding just fine.

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