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Thread: bracelets, what bracelets?

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    Originally posted by Superstar~:


    It has been decided that *ALL* of the money will go to the China SCI Network.

    Susan, this is great news that ALL proceeds will go to the China SCI Network!!!!



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    Great!!!! Can't wait to get mine.....

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    fantastic! I'm glad everything finally worked out:-)

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    This is great, guys.

    I'm trying to order more than 99, but the "quantity" field only allows 2 digits. Help!


    "Sometimes, you're the dog, sometimes, you're the hydrant"...CSI NY 1/12/05

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    Originally posted by scott pruett:

    scroll down a little... you gotta click on one of the buttons that looks like:

    (that one doesn't work, btw)
    ok thanks it was my browser, i was not seeing any of the buttons in firefox .
    i was able to order using IE

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    try again Sue, I just tested a 4-digit number w/o problem. I know the field for entering the quantity is small (size-wise), but that's on paypal's system & we can't make it wider.

    Thanks everyone for the support.

    p.s. I just spoke to Susan & we may set up a "reseller" type system. Stay tuned for details.

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    interesting metro, firefox works fine for me.

    oh well, glad you figured it out

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    Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Just ordered the bracelets!
    How long until we get them?
    Cathy and Dan J

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    Hi Scott,
    It worked after 3 more tries; very puzzling. Anyway, they are ordered.


    "Sometimes, you're the dog, sometimes, you're the hydrant"...CSI NY 1/12/05

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    Thanks everyone for all of your colloboration...

    This is going to be terrific and all of the hard work is proving not to be in vain!

    Today, i went and distributed them to a *very* popular hang out/restaurant called the Hub. There employes are sporting them for us too. It looked so cool to see all of them wearing the lovely blue wrist bands. It made me very proud and hopeful for our community!

    I will begin sending all of you your wrist bands starting Monday!!! You will love them, they really do look great.

    Godspeed for our cure~

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