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Thread: bracelets, what bracelets?

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    Susan & Scott are right.

    If anyone is creating a different bracelet (CPN red) they are essentially undermining the entire "unity" effort that's already in motion. Stick with the blue - be part of the solution not a creator of another divisive problem.

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    Obed, please check your PT.



    ~ Choices Are The Hinges Of Destiny ~

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    Just about every single bracelet of the fifty I was able to order went to a kid in this small town asking if they could have one (thus not much for donations...) but it has brought tears to my eyes every time I have been around them and someone has asked, "what does the blue bracelet stand for?", their reply is more informative and inspirational than anything I could have ever said~
    they are so honored and so hopeful to make a difference...and they are.

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    ReMax Realty already has a "red" bracelet.

    I guess in the future though we should run everything by Faye and the D.C bunch to make sure it fits in with their master plan? God forbid its not their idea and the community does something different where they have to acquiesce.

    Red, Blue - WTF? Does everything have to be your way Faye? A donation of 500 blue isn't enough so you have to create red ones? Why? Just to be different? special? So that those who don't attend D.C. have to feel excluded even more? Nice unity and consistent message. But then again its not about unity is it?

    Its amazing how a good thing (blue bracelets) gets spoiled because one self-appointed "leader" of a community faction wants to be considered "above" or "different" than the rest. Its promotes the opposite of unity and that is division.

    I hear the guns loading - blast away.

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    I have felt the same feelings as yourself Tees, my father witnessed some people out of the Rio Grand Valley wearing the blue awarness bracelets in HEB and he called and it sounded as if he had tears of hope in his eyes, yes i said HOPE...
    Susan x

    Orders will be at your door within the next 7-10 buisness days or sooner.
    Suzanne, i sent the check per your request to the China Sci Network. You should have it anyday now, as i sent it to the address provided many days ago. It is working!!!
    talk soon,
    Obed- big grin to you!

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    Oh, Chris. Please stop. I so want the DC Rally to move mountains. There is no "DC Bunch". Just a lot of people trying to make this fly. Everyones input is essential, it's just that you can't please everyone and decisions need to be made or we'll still be debating next Christmas.


    "Either you decide to stay in the shallow end of the pool or you go out in the ocean." C. Reeve

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    We're all in it for the same reason...we or someone we love needs to be considerably less paralyzed.

    We don't have TIME to be divisive.

    What would you do, obed, to make this a more inclusive ,democratic and politically correct undertaking? With $2000.00 and 64 days?

    I'd love to hear everyone's suggestions in fact.

    "You need to march. You need to demand action. You need to stop feeling unempowered and do something...Freedom is your right. Until you claim your self-confidence and know your worth, no one will give it to you. It starts with you."-LetsGo

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    I envy all you guys for pulling together for the march..I wish we could join you, but not possible.
    I have been giving out the few bracelets I purchased...and will buy more soon. Steve wears his anywhere we go and explains what they are about.

    Russ Byrd

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    I just recieved my bracelets they look great. I think there should be some card that goes with it to get people to donate to the cause if they want. Just a thought.

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    forget red bracelets get to work on something important

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