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Thread: Do rats have empathy?

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    Seizure alerting is an ability dogs either have or don't have, and we don't know what they're alerting to yet! The later actions are trained/learned, such as being shaped into a specific type of alert in seizure alerting service dogs. Approximately 25% of dogs in general have the ability to seizure alert, and theres an approx 50% chance of a trained seizure response dog developing the ability to alert. Its very interesting stuff in the world of service dogs My dog Emma has the ability to seizure alert, which I discovered when fostering a dog with epilepsy. At first I believed her to be reacting after the fact to the seizures but one day she was laying down when she shot up and ran to Darcy and barked at her before Darcy starting seizing.
    Board Member of Assistance Dog Advocacy Project working in Education. Feel free to ask me any service dog questions!

    I am not paralyzed. I have a genetic connective tissue disorder with neuro complications and a movement disorder.

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    Quote Originally Posted by t8burst View Post
    No one loves dogs more than I do, but they are animals. I think one of the cruelest things people do is assign too much "feeling" to dogs. Particularly when the animal is sick. I have friends that put their dogs through chemo, or let them live in pain for other reasons and it really bothers me. It is selfish to let an animal suffer because you will miss their company. An animal in pain doesn't think, "man this sucks but at least I can enjoy the beautiful sunrise" all it knows is pain.
    which has led the fricking veterinary profession to guilt trip owners into spending thousands on life extending treatments that they can't afford. Thank God I still have a good old local guy that will move my pets on without giving me a raft of shit.

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    I tried looking for rats welcoming veterans home but...

    And the truth shall set you free.

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    I heard this somewhere... "Empathy has to exist in the animal kingdom or species without it would perish. The simplest survival technique "pack mentality" is evidence... The only time you ever see an animal by itself in the wild, it's scared to death or resigned to it."

    But not before whoopin' your ass
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