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Thread: Barrier Free portable ceiling lift for SALE

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    Barrier Free portable ceiling lift for SALE

    Barrier Free model PC2 Portable Ceiling track lifts (2 motors), fabric leg straps, with chargers, for sale. $400 each.

    Barrier Free PC2 Lift dealer site

    These motors can be moved from room to room as needed; wherever you have installed track.

    Lifting speed 6-8 feet per minute
    Lifting height 7 feet
    Motor Weight 18.5 lb
    Battery 24 volt DC
    Maximum current 6 Amps
    Lifting capacity 350 lbs

    Also have two Barrier Free 8 foot straight ceiling track sections with hardware for installation. Asking $200 each.

    Also available:
    Two medium cloth Arjo hygiene slings available to fit the lifts. Asking $100 each.


    SureHands Body Support (one) with adapters for use with the Barrier Free lifts above. Asking $300.
    See photos attached. PM me for questions and if interested. Shipping costs to be additional unless pick-up (Los Angeles area).


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    Price on motors dropped to $300. A real deal.


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    Both motors sold.


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    Body support slings both sold.


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