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Thread: Exercising too much may be counterproductive

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    Good to hear my father has some company.

    My father enjoys his weight training. My brother said to him.... "You never go half-hog do you...? Always full-hog....."

    My father repeats that phrase a lot.

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    Running also causes a lot of impact on the body that one wouldn't experience doing handcycling. While the article didn't talk too much about the impact of running, too much impact with not enough recovery causes tissue breakdown throughout the body which can also negatively effect the heart. Handcycling will not cause the same impact stress on the body as running.

    hlh, I am like your dad in that I prefer to get my cardio through weightlifting!

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    The study dealt with heart issues. The kind of activity is not particularly relevant. There are a lot of runners and they are a convenient population to study. What the findings imply is that keeping the heart rate up for extended periods on a regular basis when a person is in late middle age may damage the cardiovascular system.

    Handcycling may have the potential to do that. I do not know what effect it has on the heart rate of people training to race.

    As others have alluded to, I have more concern on handcycling's impact on shoulders and arm muscles. The wear and tear are very similar to wheeling a manual chair and add to it. Everything in moderation seems like a good policy if you can figure out what moderation is.

    A couple of days ago I aggravated one of my blown out shoulders just opening a bottle of wine. Arrrgh! To add insult to injury the wine is mediocre at best. But it is a red and drinking red wine regularly is part of my cardiovascular system care program. lol
    You will find a guide to preserving shoulder function @

    See my personal webpage @

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    Quote Originally Posted by steve garro View Post
    Bring it.
    I'd rather have as much fun as possible while I'm here, I'm not that attached to this chair.
    Ditto, 'bro.

    Did 4 hours hard paddling in Lake Tahoe today.

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    My arms are my legs I like workout's ...
    Over the year's I wore my left shoulder up / probably could use repair surgery but I get on my butterfly hydraulic machine and sometimes go a hour straight . still I do tas many of these Reps to keep up a healthy cardiovascular heart rate ...
    I sip Fresh bottled water or a 32 oz of Gatorade
    The other day I was in a store no concrete wheelchair ramp I actually pushed myself into a kool jump to the parking lot . I am working super hard @ it I do not get nervous
    It has taken me years to get this far and I just am a workaholic ( PerSay )

    Last Week I noticed in a really super big enormous parking lot that had a horrible down grate angle I was bored and rolled around having lot's of fun This is my goofy style of what I call a workout ... Very Cardio related ...

    Sometimes I can push my wheelchair pretty far now and sometimes even push myself up over curbs in bad parking areas I couldnt do these wheelie thing's without my determination .
    Sometimes like in a Dr office waiting a good hour or so ppl see me sitting motionless reading a magazine just on a wheelie .
    At the night lol My poor shoulders pay for it but I will not Give up ...

    BTW I am now using Lyrica it does help me ...

    A good Heartrate feels soo good .

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