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Thread: Beginning of a Deep tissue injury - Nurse??

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    Beginning of a Deep tissue injury - Nurse??

    Hey all. I wonder if any of you have seen a deep tissue injury that starts off as a darkened (tan) spot on the skin ? Everything I read says that it would look purple or marroon, which this does not. Only tan. It happens to be in the spot at the top of your butt crack where the bones are (what is the name of this spot?) . I see pictures of pressure ulcers that are in that exact spot, and my husbands (bony) butt has been causing him severe pain for the duration of his recovery thus far (5 months)..
    Could a deep tissue injury be forming there? Could it look like a light tan spot or is there no record of DTI's ever looking like that? It has had this tan spot for atleast a couple of months, and before that , I can't remember if it was like that or not....

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    That color is not typical of developing pressure sores. Also, if it was a pressure sore it likely would have opened by now. That is an area that is very vulnerable, especially when the person spends long periods on his back. To be on the safe side, if you have access to a wound clinic or specialist, y)ou should have it checked out.
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    Totally agree with SCI-58. It would be reddened if it was pressure. It might just be dry or poor skin colour - is the area getting a proper washing/drying?
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    agree with above and would add the advice that you should always do skin checks and since you have noted this patch, report it to a provider or dermatologist if it darkens or changes in it's boundaries, color, size, texture.


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