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Thread: Bioaxone news on Cethrin

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    Bioaxone news on Cethrin


    Human clinical trials are gitting off the ground! Acutes only, but it's a start.


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    Wise, Wouldn't you think this would be a great add incunjunction with Dr. Huang's type treatmant?

    Can Tisseel be like a replacement for stiches?

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    Tisseel was used on me during my surgery.
    Neuro doc said I was leaking CSF and he couldnt find where it was coming from,in his words, he filled the area with stop leak (Tisseel)
    Guess it works!


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    BioAxone receives FDA approval for acute spinal cord injury trial

    BioAxone receives FDA approval for acute spinal cord injury trial
    MONTREAL, Jan. 11 /CNW Telbec/ - BioAxone Therapeutic Inc. has announced
    that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Centre for Drug Evaluation and
    Research has approved the Company's investigational new drug (IND) application
    for Cethrin(R) (BA-210) in acute spinal cord injury (SCI).
    The Company had previously received approval from Health Canada for
    initiation of its clinical program with Cethrin(R) in Canada. The approval of
    the IND submission paves the way for the initiation of the human clinical
    trial program in the USA.
    BioAxone will assess the safety and efficacy of several doses of BA-210
    in this clinical trial. The trial will enroll up to 48 patients with complete,
    thoracic or cervical SCI who have no motor or sensory function in the sacral
    segment of their spinal cord, and who are scheduled to undergo spinal
    decompression surgery within 7 days of their injury.
    "BA-210 is a recombinant protein which acts as a Rho antagonist to
    promote neurogeneration and neuroprotection in the Central Nervous System
    (CNS). It has been designed by BioAxone to penetrate CNS tissue and is being
    developed for delivery at the site of spinal cord injury during surgical
    intervention," said Dr. Henry E. Khouri, Vice-President of Clinical
    Development at BioAxone.
    "We are excited about the potential of this treatment," said the study
    Principal Investigator, Dr. Michael Fehlings, Neurosurgeon and Medical
    Director, Krembil Neuroscience Center, Toronto Western Hospital and Professor
    of Neurosurgery, University of Toronto.
    "The delivery of Cethrin(R) represents a unique approach to this
    treatment as it requires a single application, is non-invasive and will
    minimize risk to patients," Dr. Fehlings added.
    "As the Company's first approved IND application, this is a significant
    and exciting milestone for BioAxone. We are eager to start the study in the
    US," Dr. Khouri added.

    About BioAxone. BioAxone Therapeutic is a privately held neuroscience
    Company based in Montreal, whose goal is to develop and commercialize products
    which meet significant medical needs in spinal cord injury and retinal eye
    diseases, such as macular degeneration. The Company specializes in the
    development and commercialization of proprietary technologies that target Rho
    signaling. Other products in the development stage are second-generation
    recombinant protein compounds. The Company also has small molecule Rho kinase
    inhibitors under preclinical investigation.

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    Clinical sites

    The study will be conducted at several Canadian and US sites.

    For more information, please contact the closest site to you:

    Canadian sites

    Dr. Benoit Goulet
    Montreal General Hospital
    Tel: (514) 398-5738

    Dr. Michael Fehlings
    Toronto Western Hospital
    Tel.: (416) 608-9195├é┬*
    or Yuriy Petrenko,
    Study Coordinator 416-603-5285
    Pager: (416) 790-4535

    Please contact
    1-877-282-9990, extension # 174

    American sites

    Phoenix, AZ
    Please contact
    1-877-282-9990, extension # 174

    Saint-Louis, MO
    Please contact
    1-877-282-9990, extension # 174

    Philadelphia, PA
    Please contact
    1-877-282-9990, extension # 174

    Charlottesville, VA
    Please contact
    1-877-282-9990, extension # 174

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    Leo I tried contacting the head of Bioaxone repeatedly to see if they're interested in combining cethrin with OECs. Email, snail mail, fax and phone calls have all been ignored over and over.

    Anyway I do wish them luck. It would be great if a "better" methylprednisolone can be used on acutes in the not too distant future.

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    Maybe for SCI chronics soon...

    -> In January 2004, Pierre Caouette (General manager of BioAxone) had answered me this by e-mail: (Translate from french) "At this moment, our clinical plan in only for the acute injury. But a research center locate in England has just published an article showing that our protein (Cethrin®) makes the axons regenerate even through glial scars. We envisage to start with the chronic injury within about 3 years"

    Pierre Caouette
    President and CEO
    BioAxone Therapeutic Inc.
    3575, ave de Parc, Suite 5322
    Montreal, (Quebec) H2X 3P9
    Tel/Fax : (514)282-9990 ext: 107
    Cell : (514)242-4632
    E-mail :

    Anybody knows more about it ?



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    Thanks Tdelrieu. Looks like Cethrin is being fast tracked which is good. I don't think 5 years even elapsed between the inception of animal trials and human trial approval. Looks like they're serious about curing SCI.

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