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Thread: I ended up needing emergency surgery!!

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    I ended up needing emergency surgery!!

    I just wanted to let people know that I havent dropped off the face of the earth. I ended up having emergency surgery on October 18th and was in the hospital for a few weeks post. I then went to rehab but the meds they had me on were to strong so I ended up back in the hospital for another week plus some days. I have now been back in rehab since November 20th and am hoping to be back to baseline by sometime next week so I can finally go home and be able to be with family for the holiday.

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    I had a feeling something like that had happened and am glad you're now on the road to recovery. Hope you'll be able to spend the holidays at home, and that your pain will be brought under control. Thank you for this update!

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    take care and keep us posted


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    Frustrating ... but I figured this was going to confound your plans for school.

    Are you able to keep up or will you have to make up the semester?

    Glad you got the surgery over with.
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    Glad you are on the road to recovery...FINALLY!

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    Happy to hear you are recovering. Better days ahead.

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    I look here less than I used to Becky. Hope you got a lot of TLC and will be home for Christmas.

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    Hope you're feeling better soon Becky.....

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    I had an open appendectomy. I am currently doing my rehab post surgery at RIC. Ever since the surgery, my spasms have been almost non-stop. They want to send me home this coming Tuesday but I still cant even do things, like basic transfers, without someone there to help me. Their goal for me was back to baseline. This is not my baseline! What do I do?? The docs and therapists think that my current functioning is sufficient. I would agree if I still wasnt showing progress. HELP!!!

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    I am the best at being me. No matter how that happens to be!!

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