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Thread: Philips hue

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    Philips hue

    Hi all, while surfing YouTube, I stumbled across the Philips Hue, which controls the lighting (and the color and brightness of the lighting) through a phone/tablet app. I've wanted to purchase something similar that would allow me to turn lights on/off, control brightness, etc., so I'm not sure how this would compare to others. It is pricey (the base unit with 3 bulbs is $200), but not sure how that price compares. Anyone use something similar?

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    For the same tech savvy ness needed I'd check out the belkin wemo. If you want to get you hands even dirtier checkout insteon.
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    Don't think this is something I'd really use for automated lighting… It's more of a novelty item than something I'd trust to control my lights. Think about it, these lights just screw into a regular light socket, so when the light switches is off it doesn't matter what your iPhone tells it to do it ain't gonna work.

    From my house I replaced the light switches with one's that use a powerline technology called UPB which electronically turns the light switch (and the connected lights) on and off. That way you can have normal local control by touching the switch or can control the lights on/off with a home automation system, cell phone, or computer. These switches aren't exactly cheap either, probably around $50-60 per fixture, but in my opinion provide a far more robust/reliable solution.
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    1,097 hass a broad range of home automation products that are reolatively inexpensive. They would thru house wiring (and, in my case my apartment has it own breaker box).

    I've got a couple of standard table lights inn my office plugged into wall modules that would just fine.

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